StewMac Brace Repair Jack

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StewMac Brace Repair Jack

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StewMac Brace Repair Jack

About This Item

A better way to glue loose braces
Insert through the soundhole and turn with your fingertips for clamping braces, bridge pads and patching cleats.

Luthiers asked for a stronger, faster, easier brace jack, and our R&D team delivered!

  • Heavy brass body stays put as you adjust the height
  • Sturdy machined brass threads—no wobbling
  • Glue-resistant end caps are double-notched

The double-notched end caps fit the two most common brace profiles: the gentle slope of Martin braces and the more triangular shape found on Gibsons. The caps are made of glue-resistant high density polyethylene.

Adjusts from 2-7/8" (73mm) to 4-3/8" (111mm).
7/8"-diameter (22.23mm) caps are glue-resistant high-density polyethylene.

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Great for jacking bridge plate for saddle flattening


Verified Buyer

I bought the brace repair jack thinking it would be useful for putting a bit of pressure on a bridge plate, while I used a saddle slot leveler file. I used the jack to put just enough pressure to make a straight edge sitting just behind the bridge match the height off the edge of the body to what it was with strings at tension. It didn't take much, since the top and braces already maintained most of the curvature. Worked like a charm for this application.


Great; needs a little tweaking.


Verified Buyer

These are nice jacks and they work very well. I think they would be improved if the nylon ends were slightly rough or knurled to aid in holding. The rubber sleeves are loose and tend to fall off and they are cut in a pretty sloppy fashion. Nevertheless, this is a good tool.

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