Double Cam Clamp

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Double Cam Clamp

About This Item

A new, stronger cam clamp. This hardwood and steel design improves on the classic cam clamp in four ways:

1. The cam lever applies pressure at two points—both sides of the jaw instead of one central point. This gives greater strength and stability.

2. We've embedded a steel slug in the fixed jaw for attaching magnets. Cut a shaped caul to fit a repair, attach a magnet to it, and the caul stays in place while you position the clamp!

3. Adjustable cam tension. Tighten or loosen the lever as needed, adjusting for wear or humidity changes. We don't know of any other wood clamp with this nifty feature!

4. Irving Sloane’s tapered design. The fixed jaw is tapered, not square, for better clearance through soundholes—as described in Sloane's book, Classic Guitar Construction.

Double Cam Clamps operate like traditional cam clamps: slide the upper jaw into position and flip the lever to tighten. Both jaws have protective cork facings.

The small clamp has a 5-1/2" reach (140mm);
the large clamp's reach is 8-1/2" (216mm).
Both sizes open to 8-1/4" (210mm).

Crafted from sturdy hardwood and rust-resistant galvanized steel, our Double Cam Clamps are built for years of hard use.

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(Customer's Reviews)

I'm disappointed with the way the cam works on these clamps. It lacks some power, and also slips more often than I expected. This style of clamp is easy to make yourself. I bought these because they are affordable and you get a good product for the price. The first time I made my own cam clamps it took me 7-9 hours to make 4 clamps of my own. I have experienced better results from a single cam clamp.


Not worth buying

(Customer's Reviews)

While the intent is good, These are not a patch on the original cam clamps, some basic design flaws.


Clamp Me!

(Customer's Reviews)

These clamps are great for woodworking and reach into projects farther than normal clamps.
The double cam is really effective and does a great job. I will tell my friends about these and plan to order a few more.


A step backwards in clamping pressure

(Customer's Reviews)

Compared to the traditional style cam this new design seems to provide less pressure. I definitely don't feel comfortable using them for important jobs. Will be sourcing from elsewhere from now on.

Response from StewMac

We are sorry to hear the Double Cam Clamps aren't working for you. We have contacted you regarding these under performing cam clamps via email. We would love to discuss your options with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

- Spencer, Customer Support


Excellent tool

(Customer's Reviews)

Does the job on my guitar repairs. Love the double cam.


They do what they are supposed to do

(Customer's Reviews)

I purchased 6 of this style of clamp last year to secure bracing while the glue dried. Recently I purchased 6 more but these are different. The cam lever on the newer one is the same thickness as the body, which to me gives it a clunkier look. The wood on the new one is raw, no finish. These are just cosmetics, The clamps work great!


Could not be better

(Customer's Reviews)

These clamps were used for gluing up the braces on the soundboard and back. The extra depth of these clamps allowed me to reach the center of the boards without a problem. The cork padding that is on each clamping area also was great. This sure makes things much easier!

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