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Acoustic Guitar Repair Guard

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Acoustic Guitar Repair Guard  For Gibson

For Gibson

Item # 1074
No longer available


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Acoustic Guitar Repair Guard  For Martin

For Martin

Item # 1075
No longer available


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Acoustic Guitar Repair Guard  Both Gibson & Martin Repair Guard Set

Both Gibson & Martin Repair Guard Set

Item # 1076
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Acoustic Guitar Repair Guard

About This Item

CLOSEOUT! Keep your guitar top protected during maintenance or repair with these .040"-thick Mylar® guards.

They're strong enough to shield soundboard woods from falling clamps or lightweight tools; glue splashes too.

"I've been waiting for these for a long time. Quick, safe, no matter what job you're doing."
—Dan Erlewine, guitar repairman

StewMac's R&D team designed two standard models, for acoustic guitars with Martin Dreadnought and post-1955 Gibson® J-45® shapes. The Repair Guard slides right into place—no need to remove the strings.

Why do you want it?

  • Protect against accidents! A quick slip of your bridge reamer or slotting saw, and you'll have a dinged finish to repair, or worse.
  • Unlike a bare soundboard, the Repair Guard can take a bit of weight. A couple of tools resting on the guard can save you a long reach to your bench.
  • For light duty work, you can clamp right on the guard without leaving a footprint in spruce like a caul might.
  • You can scribe brace patterns on the guard for different guitars, a great help for locating brace locations for repairs.
  • A Repair Guard can slide into place with the strings still on!

In some cases, you may need to modify your guard—to fit an oversized bridge, for example. Use a medium file to change the shape, and a fine file to smooth the edges. Support the guard directly under the edge you're filing by hanging it off a clean flat table. To avoid fracturing the plastic, don't let it chatter up and down as you file.

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Great idea!

(Customer's Reviews)

I've made cardboard guards for acoustic tops up around the neck for fret work. And I've made them for bridge work. But this is better (for Martins). It lays right on so it's fast and the material is an ample thickness.


Great protection.

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a great idea. Quick and simple. We really need a Taylor version.


Guitar repair guard

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a great idea/product and needs to be expanded for other acoustic brands like Yamaha, Taylor, Takamine. Also for electric solid body guitars. No question that protection during servce of an instrument is paramount.

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