Two Cherries Wood Chisels

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Two Cherries Wood Chisels 4mm (5/32") width

4mm (5/32") width

Item # 1618
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Two Cherries Wood Chisels 6mm (15/64") width

6mm (15/64") width

Item # 1619
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Two Cherries Wood Chisels 12mm (15/32") width

12mm (15/32") width

Item # 1623
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Two Cherries Wood Chisels 18mm (23/32") width

18mm (23/32") width

Item # 1624
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Two Cherries Wood Chisels 24mm (15/16") width

24mm (15/16") width

Item # 1625
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Two Cherries Wood Chisels, Set of 5

Set of 5

Item # 1627
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Two Cherries Wood Chisels

About This Item

First choice for precision wood trimming. Handmade in Germany from the finest forged steel, Two Cherries chisels keep their edge much longer than other chisels we’ve used.

Pro quality tools made to last for generations. Two Cherries are among the highest quality wood chisels you'll ever own! They're longtime favorites in Dan Erlewine's guitar repair shop, and are endorsed by our friend Link Van Cleave, accomplished woodworker and tool sharpening expert.

Each chisel is heat-treated to Rockwell 61C-grade hardness. They’re fitted with balanced octagonal handles that won’t roll off your workbench.

  Blade width Overall length
#1618  4mm (5/32")  25.72cm (10-1/8")
#1619  6mm (15/64")  26.04cm (10-1/4")
#1623  12mm (15/32")  26.5cm (10-7/16")
#1624  18mm (23/32")  26.7cm (10-1/2")
#1625  24mm (15/16")  29.0cm (11-13/32")

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Sharpen your chisels so they cut like razors

Dan Erlewine shows how to sharpen, hone and strop an edge onto any chisel, creating a super-sharp cutter.

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Best chisel i've had

(Customer's Reviews)

Great chisel. We've been using these chisels to fit dovetail necks after paint for the last 10 years. We're able to get several years of heavy production use out of each one. you get what you pay for. You'll need to invest in a really good quality diamond sharpening stone set (250 to 1200 grit).

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