Two Cherries Guitar Brace Chisel

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Two Cherries Guitar Brace Chisel

About This Item

A better shape for a delicate job.
The unique "S" profile of this chisel is perfect for carving the gently curved ends on guitar braces. As the cutting edge follows the curve, the handle is lifted up to make room for your hand.

The cutting steel of this genuine Two Cherries chisel is heat-treated to Rockwell 61C-grade hardness, and fitted with a comfortably balanced wooden handle. This is a lifetime tool that holds a wickedly keen edge.

Use it for a lot more than braces.
The "S" shape is useful for flush-cutting: paring a plug or patch to the surrounding surface. It reaches over, under and around to clean dried glue from spots that can't be reached by a straight chisel.

Blade length: 5-1/4" (133mm)
Blade width: 15/32" (12mm)
Overall length: 10-1/8" (257mm)

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

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Dan Erlewine shows how to sharpen, hone and strop an edge onto any chisel, creating a super-sharp cutter.

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