Ibex Purfling Cutter

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Ibex Purfling Cutter Ibex Purfling Cutter

Ibex Purfling Cutter

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Ibex Purfling Cutter Replacement blades

Replacement blades

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Ibex Purfling Cutter

About This Item

A well-made traditional luthier's edge guide with twin removable knives. Allen-adjustable both horizontally and vertically.

Use a single blade to cut slots for edge bindings, or use both blades to cut .085"-wide purfling channels.

The tool cuts 0" to 1/4" from the edge of the instrument. It's crafted of handsome cast bronze with a hardwood handle. Allen wrench included. The Ibex Purfling Cutter was designed by pioneering luthier Irving Sloane

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Works OK But Could Be Better

(Customer's Reviews)

I found that it required considerable hit or miss adjustment to get the blade spacing correct and would have preferred the guide bar be a bit shorter. I cut it off. A set of precision shims would be a big help and not that expensive to provide.


Nice tool.

(Customer's Reviews)

Used this tool several times and worked very well. A word of caution, practice on scrap wood first! Takes a little practice to use it without making a mess.


Amendment to previous review

(Customer's Reviews)

The blade can be used for violin purfling if you do the following. I pulled this from Maestronet:
"I don't know why they send them that way, since they're not used that way! Move the inside one to the outside, and the outside to the inside. Then put a spacer between them to cut the right width. It's OK, in fact, advantageous, that the bevel of the blades will push the sides of the groove open wider like a funnel--it helps get the purfling in, and then the glue/water will swell it shut."

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