Soundpost Setters

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Soundpost Setters S-shape


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Soundpost Setters Scissors-style


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Soundpost Setters

About This Item

Essential tools for correctly placing a soundpost into a violin or viola, while you work through the treble f-hole.

#0388 S-shaped Setter: Insert the sharpened beveled end into the soundpost for upright positioning in the violin. Use the notched end to help align the post into final position.
Tool length: 8" (203mm)

#0392 Scissor-style Setter: Grips the soundpost through the f-hole for easy positioning.
Tool length: 7-1/2" (190.5mm)

Nickel-plated steel.

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Excellent Product ... Very Fast Shipping!!!

(Customer's Reviews)

I'm just a musician, Not a luthier. I love to maintain my own instruments as far as I can, before lending them to the local repairer. I would definitely say, Products sold here, are the best I've used. Great Metal and Build quality. Not forgetting very Fast shipping. Using the S-Shape setter, and Soundpost Gauge has made my work a lot simpler. Definitely recommend it to anyone I know.


Get Both Soundpost Setter Tools

(Customer's Reviews)

I can't imagine trying to do this with only one or the other tool, I found in most cases you will need both. The scissors style will need to be reshaped similar to the s shape tool to maneuver in the f hole. Also practice on a violin that doesn't matter to develop a technique to properly place soundpost without damaging f hole area.


Essential Tools!

(Customer's Reviews)

Ya gotta bend the sound post plier jaw in about a 45 degree but after that it's passable.

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