1-step Peghole Drill Bit

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1-step Peghole Drill Bit

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1-step Peghole Drill Bit

About This Item

For Grover, Schaller and Gotoh sealed tuners. Custom dual-diameter bit for drilling rear-counterbored pegholes for popular sealed tuners.

This tool quickly pays for itself in a busy guitar shop—it does the job in one operation, so you'll get the work done in half the time. It's 7.8mm-diameter (.307") for the threaded peghead bushing, and 9.9mm (.390") for the gear housing. The brad point helps center the bit accurately for a clean, professional job. High speed steel.

Why counterbore the pegholes?
The collar on a sealed tuner's housing has a larger diameter than the threaded peghead bushing. Under string tension, the installed bushing (and the peghead washer) can lean slightly in a constant-diameter peghole. This can damage the lacquer finish around the bushing washer. A peghole that's properly sized for the bushing, and rear-counterbored for the housing collar, prevents the problem.

This unique bit works for Grover, Schaller and Gotoh sealed tuners that require 10mm (13/32") pegholes.

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Worth It

(Customer's Reviews)

I will come out and say it - for Grovers etc. buy it. It's expensive but like work and old age, better than the alternative.


Very expensive, but worth it!

(Customer's Reviews)

I cussed at the price, but my new tuners went in perfectly. I'll use it again!


It's about time and accuracy.

(Customer's Reviews)

Drilling or reaming holes for tuners has always been a challenge and time consuming. With this tool I've saved time and increased accuracy. I can't believe how much it cost but in my opinion it has paid for itself the first time I used it. It's helpful to use a backer piece of wood to avoid blowout or chipping.


Why did I wait so long?

(Customer's Reviews)

Hesitated and then hesitated a lot more. No reviews to say this was worth the money, so I perservered with the drill bits I had. Now I feel really stupid...and you will too if you have hesitated as long as I did before buying this. Yes, it is pricey but it does a fine job and saves time whilst providing solid support for the tuners. Highly recommended!

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