3M Stikit Gold Woodworker Set of 3

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3M Stikit Gold Woodworker Set of 3

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3M Stikit Gold Woodworker Set of 3

About This Item

Efficient, durable, economical! Countless uses in repair shops. Professional grade sandpaper with handy self-adhesive backing. Set of 80, 120 and 220-grit rolls for general woodworking and instrument making. Conveniently sized to fit our radius-sanding tools.

Stikit™ abrasives cut like a file, and last longer than regular sandpaper.
The sharp aluminum oxide grit is slower to load up with sanding dust, too. Outstanding durability and performance have made Stikit the favorite in our own shops.

  • The right width for our radius-sanding tools
  • Attach to your benchtop for a fast non-slip surface
  • Handy for quick custom sanding blocks
  • Countless uses in repair shops
  • Convenient sets for fretwork/finishing and general woodworking

Stikit papers are supplied in 15-yard rolls (45 feet / 13.71 meters), an economical length for small shops.

The 2-3/4" (69.85mm) width is a perfect fit for our profesional levelers:

Attach Stikit for
Fret & Fingerboard Leveling
Fret/Fingerboard Levelers
Attach Stikit for
Precise Shaping
Aluminum Radius-sanding Beam
Attach Stikit for
Spot Leveling
4" Wooden Radius-sanding Blocks
8" Wooden Radius-sanding Blocks

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Michael Greenfield shows how to sand guitar bodies

Michael Greenfield of Greenfield Guitars explains clearly why it's critical to have properly shaped and sanded guitar bodies before you rout them for binding. Michael shared this great Trade Secret with us during the 2013 Northwoods Seminar last August.

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A very good product for both small and large shops - the obvious uses on the long aluminium beam radiusing cauls are already said. We also stick it to plate class for making wooden and graphite neck sections/surfaces dead flat as well as flattening peghead faces. We stick small pieces to wooden blocks to make micro sanding blocks and stick it to fingertips to get inside the box to tricky places. We use a heat gun to soften the backing glue prior to removal and it lifts off relatively clean. Nice product.


Very useful tool


Sand paper is often considered a disposable item but I prefer to think of it as a tool. Stewmac Stikit Gold is one of my most used tools in the shop. I use it for everything from leveling fretboards to removing milling marks from a freshly milled bridge plate. It's adhesive backing allows for the sand paper to be placed and repositioned on surfaces like melamine, marble, plastics, laminates and wood for all kinds of different uses. I recommend removing it soon after your done though because it can get tougher to remove as the adhesive sets. I recommend this item to anyone involved in woodworking.


Time saver


This sandpaper saves time by being sticky already. I use it on different sanding jigs. And remove easily too.


Stick It!!!


A MUST have, and Worth the money, Love it!!!

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