StewMac Fingerboard Guards

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StewMac Fingerboard Guards For Guitar, Set of 6

For Guitar, Set of 6

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StewMac Fingerboard Guards For Bass, Set of 4

For Bass, Set of 4

Item # 3745
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StewMac Fingerboard Guards

About This Item

Better than your basic guards! Our improved design fits all fretwire sizes, anywhere on the neck. Protect your fretboard when filing or polishing a fret. 

New slot sizes: set of 6 for guitar now includes 2 guards each to fit narrow, medium and wide frets. Set of 4 for bass includes 2 guards each for medium and wide frets. The extra length fits 5 and 6-string bass guitars.

New slim profile: guards now fit between ALL the frets on guitars, banjos, and basses—even the high frets. Fits most mandolins and ukulele spaces, too.

New notches: a nice touch for holding the guard in place with a rubber band, freeing both your hands for the job. Tip of the hat to Steve Olson of Elderly Instruments for this idea!

Clean professional fret work!
Each of these handy guards fits over a fret for safe filing and polishing, to help keep your fretboard clean and unscratched. They're made of flexible 0.010" stainless steel for durability and long life.

Dimensions for guitar:
Overall size: 3-1/8" x 5/8" (79.38mm x 15.88mm)
Slot length: 2.625" (66.68mm)
Slot widths: 0.070", 0.097" and 0.125" (1.78mm, 2.46mm and 3.18mm)

Dimensions for bass:
Overall size: 3-1/2" x 7/8" (88.90mm x 22.23mm)
Medium slot: 0.097" x 3.095" long (2.46mm x 78.61mm)
Wide slot: 0.125" x 3.120" long (3.18mm x 79.25mm)

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Can't do my thing without em!

(Customer's Reviews)

I've been using these little jewels since they were first introduced. They are a key component in my setup process at my shop, String Theory Guitar Repair, in Nashville, TN. They work as advertised whether you're polishing frets or removing the excess lacquer from the frets on a Strat or Tele. I love em so much, I took a silly pic of me with them and my amazing aunt, EJ Abell, did a graphite and paper sketch of me with them!


Right products make things so much simpler and faster!!!

(Customer's Reviews)

After deciding it was time to do all my own maintenance on my 5 guitars, I started by using the standard DIY items for fret polishing. #0000 steel wool, tape and polishing compound. While these items are inexpensive, and do the job, I knew there had to be a better way. So after seeing a few people mention stewmac, I popped over to the website and had a browse. I chose to start with the fretguards and fret eraser(see separate review) The fingerboard guards as they call them are a great investment for those who want easy protection of the fret board while polishing their frets. And trust me, you want your frets polished! I am pleased to say that I know what to get a few people for Christmas this year, as they are affordable and have 6 sizes that come with the set. If you polish or dress your frets, but find taping tedious, consider a set of StewMac Fingerboard Guards, they are worth it.


Awful, don't waste your time or money

(Customer's Reviews)

This new design of these is poor, when you attach the rubber band behind it bows the guards up and in the way, and if you try and work on the frets the guard moves all over the place. Very frustrating, sorry I bought them, went back to good old fashioned masking tape and was MUCH happier.

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