Neck Joint Steamer

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Neck Joint Steamer Needle, hose and clamp

Needle, hose and clamp

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Neck Joint Steamer Needle and hose adapter

Needle and hose adapter

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Neck Joint Steamer

About This Item

Injecting steam into a dovetail neck joint, through a small hole drilled in a fret slot, helps loosen the glue for neck removal.

Our hose assembly has an extra-long 3-1/2" x 5/64" injector needle, insulating rubber handle, 1/4" hose rated for heat and pressure, and hose clamp for attachment to a pressure cooker or other steam source (such as a espresso/cappuccino maker).

Use with our Neck Removal Jig for faster, cleaner dovetail neck joint disassembly.

This product is made exclusively for Stewart-MacDonald by

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

The damage caused by storing a guitar in a hot car or attic

Erick Coleman fixes a slipped neck joint on a beautiful Gibson ES-125, showing what can happen to glue joints that get too hot.


Product Instructions

Guitar Neck Removal

The Neck Removal Jig applies gradual, controlled pressure for safely steaming the neck out of a dovetail joint.

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Great tool

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a great tool for a really unpleasant task. Separating necks from guitar bodies is something done with trepidation but it's made infinitely easier with this little winner. You definitely need a neck press and patience for this as well. The hardest part is providing the steam. Can't imagine any other way of doing this job really. Good onya Stewmac!


joint steamer bliss

(Customer's Reviews)

the tool worked perfectly on the four guitars that i've had waiting to be fixed for years.


Great repair tool

(Customer's Reviews)

I removed a set neck in about an hour with this tool. It was a bit of a trick attaching it to a old wallpaper steamer but I now have a repair tool that will be very useful in the future.

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