The Intonator

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The Intonator

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The Intonator

About This Item

Easy way to get accurate intonation! The Intonator finds the correct location for placing the saddle on a flattop guitar bridge.

Dan Erlewine designed it to use before cutting the saddle slot in new bridges, or when you fill and reslot an existing saddle. The old method of placing dowels or pins under the strings isn't accurate because the strings pull the dowels out of position. This doesn't happen with The Intonator, because the solid brass bar anchors the adjustable brass saddles while you fine-tune them.

Each saddle includes concentric brass bushings to be added or removed for setting precise string heights. Simply turn each thumbscrew until the intonation is just right, then mark the saddle positions on the bridge. You now have accurate guides for routing for a new saddle, and you know the guitar will play in tune up and down the neck. You can test the intonation by playing the guitar while The Intonator is in place.

Concentric bushings build each saddle to the correct string height
Support bar is arched for the upper bridge surface
String intonation is precisely tuned with thumbscrews

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Finding the right location for a guitar's saddle slot

This issue shows how to locate and cut the saddle slot for an acoustic bridge.


Product Instructions

Correct saddle intonation with The Intonator

The Intonator finds the correct locations for acoustic flattop guitar bridge saddle placement.

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great idea....but......

(Customer's Reviews)

The good news is that it will help you intonate your acoustic and it does that pretty well.
The bad news is that you need 4 hands to help get it in place and setup....what a chore! The little cylinders are a great idea but getting them in place without disturbing the other ones or having ones fall off is tough. Put on your thinking caps StewMac....its a great concept......


Slipping thread

(Customer's Reviews)

This could be a great tool however one of the threads on mine slips so have to set five strings then remove one nut and use it for the last. It also has a tendency to rise above the bridge pins so I had to turn some square topped ones to seat it against. It does work but we fell out a few times and I'm not sure I've forgiven it yet!


Great tool, but not for all types of bridges

(Customer's Reviews)

The intonator works great on all regular Martin-type bridges. However, on rounded-over (sloped) bridges, the brass tuning wheels come dangerously close to the top. Don't get me wrong: the intonator is a the tool if you want perfect intonation on your guitar.

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