StewMac Guitar Bench Set

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StewMac Guitar Bench Set

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StewMac Guitar Bench Set

About This Item

Grit-free work surface and shock-absorbing support
The StewMac Guitar Bench Set features our favorite Bench Pad and Deadblow Neck Rest.

Our Bench Pad is tough enough to survive years of abuse. It's non-slip surface won't slide around as you work. A quick brush or shake sweeps away filings and solder bits that cause scratches. The supple, dense polyisoprene is non-reactive and safe for guitar finishes. It is twice as thick as other mats, so your guitars are much better protected. Even the color was chosen for guitar work: unlike black surfaces, tiny parts and wood shavings show up clearly on this pad, so you know it's time to sweep up!

Like a sandbag, our Deadblow Neck Rest is dense but flexible. Made from durable canvas filled with shock-absorbing pellets, it conforms to fit any instrument on your bench and solidly absorbs hammer blows during fretwork. It handles everything from string changes to repairs. Fold it in half for large-body acoustics, and lay it flat to fit small instruments. Our thanks to guitar repairman Gene Imbody for this smart, versatile design.

Bench Pad Also sold separately
18" x 24" x 3/16" (457mm x 610mm x 4.76mm)

Deadblow Neck Rest Also sold separately
Size: 12" x 6" (305mm x 152mm)
Folds to 6" x 6" (152mm x 152mm)
Weight: 4 pounds (1.81kg)

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bench set


Verified Buyer

nice product. overpriced for what it is


Bench mat and head rest


Verified Buyer

Perfect for doing repairs and installation, have used it often

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