Pot Cleaning Cap

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Pot Cleaning Cap

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Pot Cleaning Cap

About This Item

The easiest way to clean noisy control pots, without extracting them from a guitar, amp, or stomp-box!

Works for rotary switches and Gibson Varitone switches, too. The cap directs your cleaner right where it's needed, inside the pot housing on the contacts around the shaft. No mess!

"An absolute must for vintage F-hole instruments. Every guitar shop needs to have at least one."
—John Brown, Brown Guitar Factory

Simply remove the control knob, and screw the Pot Cleaning Cap on the shaft. An access hole guides your spray cleaner extension tube directly to the pot shaft. The cleaner flows down the shaft to where it's needed on the contacts inside the pot. A hole in the top of the cap lets you turn a split pot shaft with a screwdriver for thorough coverage.

Works with 3/8 x 32-thread, made in USA potentiometers: CTS, Allen-Bradley, Bourns, CentraLab, Clarostat, and others. It's not compatible with imported or metric-thread control pots (like Alpha).

Pot Cleaning Cap is made from precision machined stainless steel.

We recommend DeoxIT Pot & Switch Cleaner.

TIP: Aerosol contact cleaners can spray cold, and can potentially crack a guitar's finish. Always protect the finish with a cloth when cleaning pots and switches.

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The Kat'z Meow!

(Customer's Reviews)

I ordered the Pot Cleaning Cap and the CAIG DeoxIT Pot & Switch Cleaner together, and the results are a beautiful thing.

Both performed as advertised. DeoxIT's improved cleaning, lubing and conducting properties were immediately apparent, and the Pot Cleaning Cap directed the spray where it was needed, and no waste puddles had a chance to collect on (or penetrate) any instrument's finish.

After years of buying assorted spray cleaners and achieving mixed results the answer arrived inDeoxIT. And without the usual waste thanks to the Pot Cleaning Cap the 5 oz can of cleaner should last a long time! (Which makes yours truly, Ol' Ebenezer Q Smallspender very happy, dontcha know)

Chalk one up for The STEW MAC DADDIES! (and Mommies, as the case may be)


Me? Lazy?

(Customer's Reviews)

For those times when I just don't want to have to de-string/disassemble a guitar, this little gizmo is just the ticket. I have to be carefull to attach it properly AND have a rag handy to catch the overflow - but getting rid of "pot scratch" in only five minutes makes this tool a favorite.


Great Tool

(Customer's Reviews)

The tone pot on my '56 Fender, Princeton was stuck. Spraying cleaner/lubricant through the small holes on the side of the pot only helped a little bit. The tool fit pot perfectly and by guiding cleaner/lubricant down the shaft the pot freed up. The pot now works as it should!

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