P-51 Knob Puller

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P-51 Knob Puller

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P-51 Knob Puller

About This Item

Victory over stubborn knobs! Prying off a control knob with a screwdriver blade is a recipe for a dented knob and a nicked guitar finish.

The P-51 Knob Puller is a simple solution for stubborn knobs. Just slide it under the knob, push the tension ring down for a firm grip, and carefully pull the knob off. It works with standard speed knobs, bell knobs, and Strat® knobs. The smooth durable plastic helps protect pickguards and guitar finishes.

Guitar repair shops will use this everyday, but if you're pulling bushings too, consider the Knob and Bushing Puller.

Patent pending.


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(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this to pull knobs and it works well, worth the money!


Very handy!!

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a very handy tool. I bought it especialy to change pickguards on my LE American Deluxe Mahogany Strat. I was worried about pulling the S1 knob but with this gadget it made it a very painless procedure! I work on my and a lot of other friends guitars and this thing is great.



(Customer's Reviews)

I use this thing all the time. If you work on other peoples guitars, they will be much happier seeing you take this out of the drawer than a shoestring or screwdriver or pliers or whatever else you've resorted to in the past... The only thing it can't contend with is Strat knobs set really low to the pickguard, it just can't get under them.

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