ESP Multi Spanner

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ESP Multi Spanner

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ESP Multi Spanner

About This Item

Handy pocket-size wrench.
Quickly fixes loose jacks, pots, switches and tuners.

Store this versatile little steel wrench in your guitar case and you can quickly fix a loose output jack, control pot, pickup switch or tuning machine. Turn adjustable bridge thumbwheels more easily, too. One end of the Multi Spanner is toothed for loosening a nut; the other end tightens it. A mere .075" (1.90mm) thin, the tool can fit under a control knob and is specially angled for clearance over a guitar body or peghead.


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(Customer's Reviews)

I can see how this tool is useful on a guitar pot. It is not so useful on pots on the control panel of an amp. The other knobs and the wings of the tool get in the way. For a simple tightening of a volume pot without removing the knob the tool has merit. If you have to remove the knob, a hollow shafted nut driver might serve the purpose as well.


This Thing Changed My Life

(Customer's Reviews)

I have a home repair business and I can't count how many hours I probably lost over the years running between my bench and the tool box looking for the right wrench. This thing replaced a whole wrench set and has saved me so much time in the shop.

This was probably the best $11 I have ever spent.


Excellent - with suggestion

(Customer's Reviews)

Tremendously useful tool; ingeniously simple and effective, as are most of the best ideas.

I've gotten a second one so that one can stay on my bench and the other, in my 'go-bag.'

My only suggestion on this would be to ask ESP if they could de-burr the edges of this tool during manufacturing. It's stamped steel, and the burr left is pretty sharp all the way around.
I took mine to the handiest grinder & wire-wheel combo and buzzed a little off of those sharp edges (NOT the toothed edges; those just got the wire wheel), then smoothed with the wire-wheel.
The inside surface of my two are now satin-looking (perfectly acceptable) and no longer have those sharp edges. The backs remain the appropriately highly polished 'mirrors' as supplied.

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