Catch-all Cups, Set of 10

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Catch-all Cups, Set of 10

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Catch-all Cups, Set of 10

About This Item

Durable, inexpensive and remarkably useful around your shop!
Handy cups hold small parts, stains, finishes and more.

These steel utility cups are just right for holding screws, knobs and other small parts for repair jobs. Handy for mixing small amounts of stains and finishes for touch-up work, too.

Made of 0.016" steel, 1-7/8" diameter x 3/4" tall.
(0.4mm thick x 48mm diameter x 19mm tall)

Set of 10.

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(Customer's Reviews)

I love using these cups for parts during a tear down!!!


Love 'em! Money saved is money earned!

(Customer's Reviews)

All the techs in the shop dig these cups. It's a time-sink to have to take a break from work to look for a screw that rolled away, and a time-sink is a money-sink as far as I'm concerned. These are handy, cheap, and overall awesome. Small enough to easily stow, large enough to hold most components you'll find working on guitars. I also like to use them as flux stations when soldering; I filed 2 semicircles in the top rim diametrically opposite of each other, so that I can stow flux in the cup while a q-tip to swab the flux nests in the grooves.

The only thing that would make these cups better is if they were nestable/stackable.


Brilliantly simple and effective

(Customer's Reviews)

These cups are the perfect size for holding small parts. I put magnets on the bottom of some of them to hold tiny screws, washers, etc. They are low-profile enough that they don't want to tip if you bump them (like rubbermaid containers) and they are pretty durable. Excellent product for the price. The only improvement I could possibly think of would be to create a lip on the bottom so they are stackable for storage.

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