Precision Router Base Complete Set

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Precision Router Base Complete Set

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Precision Router Base Complete Set

About This Item

Designed especially for stringed instrument work. Our exclusive design provides excellent control when routing for binding and inlays.

    SAVE when you buy this complete set including:
  • Precision Router Base
  • Edge Guide
  • 5/16" router bit for binding
  • Air pump with hose
Our sturdy, compact base is the best way to hold a Dremel for freehand routing, inlaying, widening fret slots, and more. Made of machined steel, brass and aluminum, it features precision cutting depth adjustment with large thumbwheels to eliminate guesswork.
  • Excellent control
  • Easy installation
  • Accurate freehand routing
Sturdy, compact, and adjustable
Each turn of the large knurled thumbwheels adjusts your Dremel's cutting depth by .035" (.889mm). You can rout an inlay cavity that's precisely compensated for the thickness of the pearl and glue, for less sanding later.

Tall twin handles give you excellent control for freehand routing, and you get a good view of your work. There's even a built-in nozzle for attaching a mini air pump to continuously blow away the dust—you'll rout inlay cavities more precisely, for a better fit requiring less filler.

Complete set includes:

Precision Router Base
For sturdy, accurate freehand routing
Binding Edge Guide
To cut smooth, clean binding channels up to 3/8" thick
Router Bit for Binding
Small diameter is ideal for tight curves
Mini Air Pump
Keeps the cutting area free of dust

And here's a tip from Dan Erlewine: clamp the Dremel and router base upside-down on your workbench, and use the bottom of the router base as a mini drum sander, as Dan Erlewine did for a Gibson L-1 archtop bridge in this issue of our Trade Secrets Newsletter.

Installation is easy.
Simply unscrew the threaded plastic collar on the nose of the Dremel, and screw on the Precision Router Base. Its 3/4-12 thread fits:
Dremel 4000, 400XPR, Professional, MultiPro and most corded models made since 1986
Black & Decker Wizard and RTX
Our Foredom custom handpiece

Make your Dremel a more versatile guitar shop tool.
The Precision Router Base is a direct fit on our attachments:

Attachments for
Saddle slotting
Bridge Saddle Routing Jig
Attachments for
Soundhole/Rosette Routing Jig
Purfling/Soundhole Router Guide


Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

"Which binding tools should I choose?"

Erick Coleman answers a frequent question from customers: Which tools to use for routing channels for instrument bindings?


Product Instructions

Precision Router Base and Edge Guide

How to assemble and use the Precision Router Base and Edge Guide.

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Router base

(Customer's Reviews)

Great base for Dremel. Easy to set and stays set.


Precision Router Base

(Customer's Reviews)

This it my first purchase from StewMAX, so I will start by saying the router base I received looks to be of a very good quality material and well made, although I have not put it to use yet but I’am very please with the way its made, well packaged and delivered in fairly good time.


Pretty good after I fixed it.


I bought this tool about a year and a half ago and did not use it until a couple of months ago. The first thing I noticed was that the flat base was scratching the work. On close examination it had several burrs on the edge of the base. I had to file it down and put slick tape on the bottom just to be able to use the base without leaving scars. The next problem was that the vibrations of the tool cause the screw settings to get loose. I found that the tool works reasonably well if you stop every couple of minutes and tighten the threads and re-check the cutting depth often. I recently tried the Dremel router base and even though it is mostly plastic and looks cheesy it worked better at half the price. The clear plastic base will probably not be so clear after a while, but the visibility is better than with the SM tool.


Top Quality

(Customer's Reviews)

Haven't actually used it yet but checked it out and it is a quality product.
Can't wait to use it!


great little tool

(Customer's Reviews)

i have been looking for one like this for a long time , i am really happy with it , it fits both of my dremals and will come in handy when i do my inlay work


Effective and stable.

(Customer's Reviews)

I went for the complete set because of the price break.
The primary mission is re routing binding channels and this base on the end of a fresh Dremel tool was a great help and has increased the speed with which I can remove and replace binding material.
I was able to get very uniform results using the base .
I wound up using the Dremel spiral cutter rather than the carbide bit because I was not routing fresh work. The spiral cutter works well for removal of old binding material and cleaning the old channels .



(Customer's Reviews)

El costo es un poco elevado, sobre todo si lo compras desde México, pero su funcionalidad es muy buena, si eres un creativo y tu mente no tiene límites, el Router te permite crear y realizar diversas funciones, es un aparato útil y servicial.


Disappointing but functional

(Customer's Reviews)

I had a lot of trouble getting this tool to stay tight, and it loosened up, causing the channel to be too deep. Fixable, but a pain. Make sure to tighten with wrenches. The fit and finish is not as good I'd hope it would be, and it can't run at a shallow depths, as the bit hits the base of the adjuster. It works, but I wish I'd gotten the bearings for a router. The rotary tool will take a beating if you plan to use this often.


Good router base, air pumps lacks power

(Customer's Reviews)

Router base and bit work well. You are able to make very small adjustments. Air pump is completely useless and is so under powered it worked better to blow the dust off myself.


Good tools

(Customer's Reviews)

I am a person that appreciates good tools, and this small router base fits the bill to a tee.

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