Pattern Tracing Stylus

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Pattern Tracing Stylus

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Pattern Tracing Stylus

About This Item

Trace patterns on pearl or wood. Two sizes of ball ends, for transferring engraving patterns onto pearl, or blueprints onto wood.

Won't damage your original pattern. Steel, 5-1/2" (139.70mm) long with wooden handle.

For pearl work, we recommend photocopying your original engraving pattern onto tracing paper. This makes it easy to position the pattern over the pearl. Trim the tracing paper pattern, secure it with a taped hinge, and place carbon paper beneath it before tracing with the stylus.

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old tool

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a coveted graphic designer tool for folding paper. since they're hard to find, and also since I wind pickups, I had to have one of these. Just don't use them to pry things. Busted the tip off one side already.


Pattern Tracing Stylus

(Customer's Reviews)

A very useful tool.


Versatile Tool

(Customer's Reviews)

Having fabricated or purchased many styli in the last 40+ years (I have a small drawer full), I can testify this is an excellent tool. I also found another application involving my airbrush cleaning activities. You can't beat it for $2.75. It seems I always have positive experiences with StewMac products.

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