Bamboo Repair Picks

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Bamboo Repair Picks

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Bamboo Repair Picks

About This Item

Strong, sharply pointed drop-fill picks
These hard bamboo picks are great for finish drop fills and other small repairs. But don't use them as toothpicks—they're too sharp!

Accurate drop fills
The finely pointed end puts a drop of finish or super glue exactly where you want it. Good for pinpoint lubrication on tuner gears, too.

Hard bamboo, 2-1/2" long (63.5mm)
Supplied in a pack of 300.

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Small, sharp dowels that work perfect for plugging screw holes.


Verified Buyer

Over forty years ago, my father taught me to use dowels to plug holes in wood. I laughed the first time that I saw him use tooth picks to fill small screw holes. He pointed out that tooth picks are nothing more than small, sharp dowels.

These bamboo tooth picks work far better than the soft wood ones that are usually sold in supermarkets. I use them to fill small screw holes such as those that are sometimes left behind when a pickguard or tremolo Cut one in half, dip the sharp end in wood glue, and tap it into place with a tack hammer.


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Verified Buyer

Works well and relatively inexpensive.


Super Hard and Sharp


Verified Buyer

Just as described. Much better than toothpicks. I use these a lot.

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