Fret Beveling File, Set of 2

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Fret Beveling File, Set of 2

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Fret Beveling File, Set of 2

About This Item

Low-friction files for fret ends.
Sold individually or SAVE when you buy the set of both files.

The Fret Beveling File is the fast, accurate way to put a uniform 35° bevel on fret ends after installing new frets. With a quick, smooth motion, this file angles the fret ends and makes them ready for fret dressing and polishing. Available in either 3-3/4" or 7-1/2" filing lengths.

This 1-1/2" x 1-3/4" block (two lengths are available) holds a removable fine-tooth flat file at the proper 35° angle to bevel all the fret ends along the edge of the fingerboard. The block is made of low-friction material for smooth, easy filing. The 3-3/4" model is for short fingerboards (mandolins, for example), and for spot-filing partial refrets. It's also useful for working on used instruments with necks that aren't straight.



Product Instructions

Fret Beveling Files

Downloadable instructions for smoothing fret ends with Fret Beveling Files.

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Dulcimer Fretboard

(Customer's Reviews)

Expensive for what it is. Works very well.
If you are making dulcimer fretboards, get the
longer model. Short model slides off frets easily due to wide spacing of some dulcimer frets. Gave it a four rating instead of five only due to price.


Fret Beveling File

(Customer's Reviews)

Very handy tool! Makes the job of beveling fret ends much simpler. Also reduces the chance of errors.


Fret Beveling Files

(Customer's Reviews)

A great tool, does exactly what it says it'll do. Watch for filings that stick to the Teflon surface as they can scratch the frets if you don't clear them off after a few strokes. Other than that a great tool.

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