Refret Saw and Fret Slot Cleaning Tool Set

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Refret Saw and Fret Slot Cleaning Tool Set

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Refret Saw and Fret Slot Cleaning Tool Set

About This Item

For easier refretting! Two specialized tools for scraping away wood chips and old glue, in ONE money-saving set!

New frets won't seat correctly until the old fret slots are clean! These unique tools are needed to loosen and remove packed wood dust and old glue, and deepen shallow fret slots.

Refret Saw has two slim .020"-thick blades—one cuts on the pull stroke, the other on the push. Also sold separately

Fret Slot Cleaning Tool has a thin, hooked, square-edged chisel that's ideal for getting into the corners of the slots on bound fretboards and pries up dried glue. Also sold separately

Additional widths are available for the Refret Saw.

Additional fret slot cleaning chisel blades are sold separately.

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VERY Handy tool

(Customer's Reviews)

Both are handy tools if you do a lot of fretwork, but the Fret Slot Cleaning Tool is the best! It works just like Dan says and demonstrates in the video on the StweMac website.


The best

(Customer's Reviews)

Love the refret saw. I've had a few over the years but I've always gotten my best results when using this simple tool.


Didn't know if I needed them, but . . . 

(Customer's Reviews)

The slot cleaning tool is great! Get's down into the slot to clean up the gunk and brings it out even on a binded neck. The saw was a different story. Hard to get used to, doesn't get to the very end of the slot, could have been better by cutting the blade better to take advantage of the teeth. Careful not to go too hard as you may just bust right through the bindings or at least knick them. I'm sure with more experience I'll get the saw under control.

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