Jaws2 Fret Press and Inserts

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Jaws2 Fret Press and Inserts

Jaws2 Fret Press and Inserts

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Jaws2 Fret Press

Jaws2 Fret Press

Item # 4267
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Jaws2 Fret Press and Inserts

About This Item

Hammering frets over an unsupported acoustic guitar top is risky! Safely press the frets in with Jaws2.

Jaws2 features special soundhole cauls and a self-leveling upper caul that take the stress off the guitar top, so you can safely press the frets into place. Jaws2 is a great idea that was conceived by luthier Bryan Galloup and refined by master fretman Dan Erlewine. Jaws2 utilizes the same 2-1/2" radius brass inserts as our other Jaws tools.

Jaws2 is a professional fretting tool with a self-leveling upper caul that adjusts easily to any neck. It includes five interchangeable 2-1/2" brass inserts, grooved to fit over the fretwire crown. The inserts match popular fretwire radii: 7-1/4", 9-1/2", 12" and 16", and a special 6"-radius insert holds down the fret ends for gluing. Additional radii are available.

Three wooden lower cauls are included: a contoured soundhole caul to span the braces inside a Martin-style guitar, a flat caul you can custom shape to fit over other bracings, and a felt-lined radiused caul to protect the back of the neck. Each caul features an ingenious internal magnet that holds it on the clamp jaw, allowing fumble-free setup.

Why press frets? Pressing the frets can save time and produce more consistent results. That's why it's the method that's widely used in guitar production. Pressed-in frets are less likely to have loose ends and uneven heights, because there's none of the recoil produced by hammer blows.

All Jaws fret presses are designed to work with our grooved brass fret press inserts. The inserts fit over the fretwire and are interchangeable to match popular fretwire radii. More from the Jaws collection:

Jaws Jaws
Use our unique original handheld fret press to fret an entire bolt-on neck, or most of an acoustic neck, FAST, without complicated clamping. More...


Product Instructions

Jaws2 Fret Press Instructions

An overview of and instructions for using the Jaws2 Fret Press.

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Great tool to have

(Customer's Reviews)

This style of fret installation is a great design, you can install frets in a new slot oh so easy and if you need to use adhesive is when this tool shines. you are able to hold the fret while the glue dries. Great tool.
thanks StewMac,


Great product

(Customer's Reviews)

I have been using a dead blow hammer for 13 years and used this for the first time today. It is excellent-
My frets are seating perfectly and going in very easily. Also, I now don't have to wear ear protection like i used to have to do with a hammer.

My number one recommendation for this tool is that it minimises the possibility of fret end finish blowout, which can set you back 1 month along.

Like all tools that are specific to one job, the price is high for what it is (not quiet eye brow raising though). However for a professional luthier or repairer, the price is fine.



(Customer's Reviews)

Although it mostly works for the last 3 or 4 frets of an acoustic guitar, there is no easy way to install them without this! And with the interchangeable cauls it can be adapted to many other unique situations! Great!!!

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