3M Flexible Polishing Papers, Set of all 6 grits

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3M Flexible Polishing Papers, Set of all 6 grits

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3M Flexible Polishing Papers, Set of all 6 grits

About This Item

'Finishing fabric' conforms to any surface. Strong micro-grit papers so flexible you can use them like cloth, wet or dry!

Because they conform to any surface shape, they're great for polishing contoured guitar finishes, frets, plastic pickguards, pearl inlays and more. The first samples we received were jealously hoarded in our shops, quickly becoming favorites for polishing nuts and saddles, and for touchups in lacquer finishes.

"Indispensable for polishing bone and pearl nuts. They leave a gorgeous luster with no dark residue in porous bone."
—Don MacRostie, Red Diamond Mandolins

Each sheet is coated on one side with micron-graded particles of aluminum oxide (1200-8000 grit) or silicon carbide (400-600 grit), on an extremely flexible non-woven .007" synthetic backing.

The pattern coating won't clog quickly. They leave no dark residue in porous bone nuts and saddles. The durable tear-resistant sheet washes easily in water.

Each sheet is a generous 9" x 11" (228.6mm x 279.4mm).

"The most versatile abrasive in my shop."
—Erick Coleman

"Lasts a long time, and so flexible you can buff shoeshine-style!"
—Dan Erlewine


Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Polishing papers: flexible, reusable abrasives

Why has Erick Coleman been hiding small scraps of 3M Polishing Papers in his tool chest?

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Great for small polishing jobs..

(Customer's Reviews)

The best polishing paper on the market for nuts, saddles and fret ends. Go through the grits and by the time you get to the finest grit bone will be as slick as glass. Ken Hooper


Best sandpaper for guitar work

(Customer's Reviews)

I have been using these sandpapers in my shop for years. Very durable. They last a long time. I use them for nuts and saddles, finish touchups, levelling lacquer sprays and final sanding before buffing. They don't clog very easy which makes them perfect for dry sanding. Their cost makes it affordable to use on a regular basis. My only complaint is that the white sheets are hard to determine which side has the grit on it. Another color would have been better. Small gripe. They are great. Try them and you will always use them.


Great for metal.

(Customer's Reviews)

Awesome product

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