Neck Support Caul

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Neck Support Caul

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Neck Support Caul

About This Item

Excellent support for a guitar neck while pressing or hammering frets, or a lower clamping caul for regluing a fingerboard.

Saw it into shorter lengths to make lower clamping cauls for glue-in fret jobs.

Wooden support with specially contoured and lined it cork to get a firm, non-marring, non-skid hold on the neck.

As supplied with our Fret Arbor Press System.

Dimensions (approximate)
12" x 2-3/4" x 1" (305mm x 70mm x 25mm)

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saved my jass bass

(Customer's Reviews)

I used these Cauls,the way Dan Erlwine did on you tube to repair a badly warped neck on my jazz bass.Without that instructional video,and these support cauls,I would have probably gave it up for lost.Thank you Dan Erlewine,StewMac, and you tube,for saving my favorite bass,and giving me the knowledge and making these wonderful tools and gadgets,so I can enjoy,repair,and maintain my instruments for life!


Good neck caul

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this to support the neck during neck gluing for a StewMac guitar kit. However I use it whenever I need support for the neck such as clamping frets into place after hammering them in. I place the neck caul under the neck and a radius block on top of the frets. I also use it to support the neck while gluing the fretboard onto the neck. With the cork I do not have to worry about scratches. Excellent purchase.


Glad I ordered an extra one

(Customer's Reviews)

I have 2 of these and originally was just going to order one to begin with...I just do guitar work on the side and as a hobby, but I find myself using these for different jobs. I may order another because i would like to cut one of these into smaller segments for fret work. I will say these are smaller than I thought and like others have said they could be a bit taller or come in different widths. They are a good base for making your own modifications or use as they are. The wood is ultra light which isn't a bad thing necessarily, but I'm not sure how long they would last in a super busy shop. I also had small pieces of wood fibers hanging off the edges and underneath, I just hit them with a fret dress stick and it took a few secs them off, no biggie. So far, all of the things have purchased from Stewmac have been great and shipped fast.

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