8" Radius Blocks Essential Set, Set of 5

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8" Radius Blocks Essential Set, Set of 5

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8" Radius Blocks Essential Set, Set of 5

About This Item

Save money with this set! Our 5 most popular sanding blocks for shaping a radiused fretboard and leveling installed frets. Just add sandpaper.

Accurately true or change a fingerboard's radius.
We make these hardwood blocks for use with Stikit Abrasives, to radius a fretboard quickly, accurately and without guesswork.

Shaping fingerboards: use 80 through 220-grit
Leveling frets: use 220 through 400-grit

Set includes the 5 most popular fretboard radii used in guitar building and repair:
7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 16"

When working on compound radius fretboards, simply change blocks as you progress along the neck.

Dimensions: 8" (203.20mm) long x 2-3/4" (69.85mm) wide

See our shorter blocks for spot leveling, and for use as clamping cauls when gluing frets.

What's your radius?
Quickly find the curvature of a fingerboard or bridge with a set of radius gauges. Use them frequently to check your work as you smooth or shape a fingerboard or frets: a quick visual check keeps you from accidentally altering the shape—a mistake that's easy to make and hard to fix.

Radius Gauges


Product Instructions

Radius Block Basics

An explanation of the different uses of a radiused sanding block.

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Excellent Purchase!

(Customer's Reviews)

I used the 12" radius block to resurface my ESP LTD 5-string fretless. Playability and "Mwah factor" up 100%!!!


Econaoical blocks

(Customer's Reviews)

Very satisfied with these blocks. They are not as sturdy as the aluminum blocks, and you can not use they to heat the fingerboard, but they are not as expensive either, and work well with sanding in a radius, and as an upper caul while gluing in frets.


Super easy

(Customer's Reviews)

I think I may put a little finish on mine just to keep them smooth. Just used the 12" and it really helps keep the radius true.

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