Fret Polishing Wheels, Complete outfit

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Fret Polishing Wheels, Complete outfit

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Fret Polishing Wheels, Complete outfit

About This Item

Super-smooth frets with your Dremel or Foredom! Rubberized ceramic wheels give your fret jobs that mirror shine and ultra-smooth feel players love.

Much faster and easier than hand polishing, the complete set includes fine and extra-fine wheels (5 each), with a 1/8"-shank mandrel.

Mount the wheel and mandrel in your Dremel or Foredom handpiece.

Lightly groove the edge of the wheel with a small round file. The slim handpiece makes it easy to hold the grooved wheel on a crowned fret, to gently polish it to a smooth shine.

Works on stainless frets, too!
All of our tools are suitable for use on stainless-steel fretwire, with the exception of our Fret Tang Nippers. Modern stainless-steel fretwire is known to be harder than the traditional nickel-silver blends, but our own shop experience indicates the wire does not cause premature wear of files or sandpapers.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Using fret polishing wheels on a flex shaft

Todd Sams shares his method for getting a mirror finish on newly-installed frets

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Not Well Matched to the Purpose

(Customer's Reviews)

I gave these a shot on an inexpensive guitar. Glad I tested them there first. I had leveled the frets with Stewmac radiused sanding blocks and various sandpapers (highly recommended. That part came out beautifully). The fret rocker showed that they were essentially perfect. Then thought I would go for a mirror polish with the finest of these wheels.

I used a light touch and went quickly across the frets to make sure I didn't take too much off... Well, that didn't work. I had planned to do one quick pass, but it was very difficult to get even coverage on a single pass, so I ended up doing two to three.

In short, even this light amount of work with these wheels resulted in terribly uneven frets and the need to re-level.

I have no doubt these wheels are a tool that has good uses. But not for fret polishing... They are a grinding wheel, not a polishing one. And simply stepping through finer grains of sandpaper with a radiused block (until 1200 or finer) will get beautiful frets for much less effort.


I like them !

(Customer's Reviews)

I use these and also the micro mesh,
they give a great result !


Polishing Frets

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought the complete outfit. They made it much easier and less time than the fret erasers. But be very careful. It is very easy to go to far an create an uneven fret. You'll find a big improvement in the tonal quality in your instrument!

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