The Glue Looper

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The Glue Looper Original Glue Looper - 12 Pack

Original Glue Looper - 12 Pack

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The Glue Looper Thick Looper - 6 Pack

Thick Looper - 6 Pack

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The Glue Looper

About This Item

Neatly delivers a drop of glue, finish, or lubricant
What a great idea! Put the Glue Looper™ in a razor knife handle and you have a dedicated drop-fill tool.

Glue Loopers are great for lubricating open-gear tuners, too. And they're reusable: just burn off any leftover oil or finish and it's ready to go again.

Original Glue Looper: works with low-viscosity liquids like glue, stain and lacquer. Capillary action pulls the liquid into the loop, forming a precise droplet for your finish repair or glue joint. Includes 12 steel tips; 4 each of small, medium and large sizes.

Thick Looper: designed for thicker glues and features a unique "loading" technique. It uses a similar action to a quill pen, and draws 0.015" lines with your favorite thick adhesive. Includes 6 large steel tips (open-ends).

Fits our razor knife handle and most others.

Instructions included.

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Precision Made & Useful item


Verified Buyer

This set of small specialized glue loops were bought for Cyanoacrylate application in precise small quantities. I also use it for tiny drop application of liquid French Polish & wood dust to conceal minor gaps in Ukulele Wooden binding work. They appear to be laser-cut on CNC equipment & my only quibble is they are somewhat overpriced.Nevertheless a unique tool item that I recommend.




Verified Buyer

These work really well, way better than a toothpick or old guitar string for getting a tiny dab of glue right where you need it. Also good for drop fills. Clever design that works really well.


Just perfect!


Verified Buyer

Controlling cyano application is always tricky and having an accident can be horrible on lacquer. The Glue Looper gives excellent control over the application of even the water thin super glues. Highly recommended!

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