Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron

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Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron Domestic, 110-volt

Domestic, 110-volt

Item # 0502
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Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron International, 220-volt

International, 220-volt

Item # 0602
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Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron 1/32" fine point tip for SR-965

1/32" fine point tip for SR-965

Item # 0512
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Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron 1/8" chisel tip for SR-965

1/8" chisel tip for SR-965

Item # 0513
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Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron

About This Item

Durable • Reliable • Great price!
The best economy-priced iron we've found for guitar and amp soldering jobs.

It heats to 400 degrees F (204 degrees C), and at 40 watts, is a step above short-lived 15-30 watt megamart irons.

    Features include:
  • Affordable price, exceptional quality
  • Durable stainless steel shank sleeve
  • Comfortable cushioned grip
  • Long-life non-corrosive 1/32" fine-point tip
  • 4-1/2 foot cord
    We recommend:
  • Order a chisel tip for soldering connections to the back of a control pot or grounding a wire to a tremolo claw. It's also handy for steaming out wood dents with a damp cloth.
  • The adjustable Soldering Stand is a must-have for convenience and safety.
  • Use #0505 standard 60/40 rosin core solder with this iron. Lead-free solder is not recommended due to its high melting point (above 420°F).

#0502 is a 110-volt AC electrical appliance, 60Hz. It has a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded.

#0602 is a 220-volt AC electrical appliance, 50Hz. It has an international plug Type C (Europlug) with two round prongs, ungrounded.



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The do's and don'ts of soldering.

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excellent value

(Customer's Reviews)

great iron for the price


Great soldering iron for a great price!

(Customer's Reviews)

Far better quality than the Radio Shack iron. That 10 extra watts and precisely shaped tips makes a world of difference for soldering to tough spots like grounding wires to volume pot and Strat trem claw, and made the entire rewire job a breeze and a more professional job overall. It's smaller and very easy to work with in tight and delicate places, also comfortable in the hand. I'm glad I also got the extra chisel tip and recommend including that if you buy this iron. I'd complain that it doesn't come with the iron if the price wasn't so reasonable for the iron; it's a must have, imo. I also recommend getting the holder/station with it. Well worth the extra few bucks to kept the iron in a safe, secure and easy to use place.


Professional quality at a low price

(Customer's Reviews)

This soldering iron's quality is worth more than the $15 I paid for it. Well balanced, lightweight and heats up very quickly. Replacing the tip is fast , easy and the tip remains firmly in place. This 40 watts soldering iron is a must have. I highly recommend it.

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