Kester Pocket-Pak Lead-free Solder

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Kester Pocket-Pak Lead-free Solder

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Kester Pocket-Pak Lead-free Solder

About This Item

Kester® is the right solder for guitar wiring.
Approximately 15 feet of RoHS-compliant rosin core solder in a handy, easy to use compact dispenser tube.

Lead-free rosin core solder
RoHS-compliant in European Union countries
96.5% tin, 3% silver, 0.5% copper
Diameter: 0.031" (0.75mm)
Net wt. 0.43 oz. (12.2g)

The 422-428°F (217-220°C) melting point of Kester lead-free solder makes it unsuitable for economy soldering irons. We recommend the Soldering Station for solid, clean, and shiny solder joints.



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Great solder!!


Verified Buyer

This solder was very easy to use and flows very smoothly. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality solder for their electronic projects!!


Good But.....


Verified Buyer

Just finished a stewmac PRS wirng kit, using this solder. I like the container it's supplied in. Melts/flows well. My only complaint is that the diameter of the stock is too thin...meaning u have to feed in alot of solder to get a nice sized blob. To me, it seemed my iron stayed on the lug/pot longer than i was used to, which i worried could lead to over-heating probs. I had no such probs however. I did use heat-sinks when i solder the caps.




Verified Buyer

Lead-free solder is the best solder of all solders.

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