Humbucker Helpers

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Humbucker Helpers

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Humbucker Helpers

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Spring tamers for easy pickup assembly.
Dan Erlewine devised this set of steel clips to hold a humbucker together.

Installing the screws, springs and mounting ring on a humbucking pickup can be a pain, especially when the pickup's already wired into the guitar. The springs tend to go flying off while you're fumbling to hold everything together. Let our handy humbucker clips do the work instead!

This set of two simple stainless steel clips holds the springs, height screws, and mounting ring together as a single assembly and prevents the springs from flying across your shop. Just set it over the pickup, turn the screws into the pickup mounting tabs, and pull away the clips. They make a clumsy operation a breeze, with less chance of scratching the guitar top.

Thanks to Dan Erlewine for developing these handy helpers!
"They are always on my bench, I don't remove, or install, a humbucker without 'em!" — Dan

TECH TIP: Pickup installation is an easy time to scratch a guitar - use a felt pad to protect the top.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Tricks for installing humbuckers

This week Dan shares two tips for installing humbucking pickups, including a simple jig you can make yourself. Also, he repairs a broken pickup ring that his customer thinks is worth $10,000!

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Get these now!

(Customer's Reviews)

If you are looking at these, you need them! They are so simple but make the job effortless. Best tool I have bought. No more lost springs and frustration. Money extremely well spent for the job it does regardless of what little there is to them. My only regret is not getting them sooner.


Hard to use for an old guy

(Customer's Reviews)

Since I've done it the old fashion way for years, just a screw driver, I found these require a little practice to get the hang of it. Not a bad idea just practice.


Humbucker Helper Helps

(Customer's Reviews)

They work alright. Simple concept but it frees up your hands.

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