Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener

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Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener

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Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener

About This Item

Tighten jacks on guitars or amps without taking anything apart!

The Bullet™ Jack Tightener works from the outside to prevent twisting and shorting the wires on the inside. Simple and inexpensive, it's a pocket-size fix for loose jacks in guitars and amps.

    Tighten (or loosen) your guitar's jack in three easy steps:
  • Put the socket head over the 1/2" nut.
  • Press the rubbery Grip-Tip™ into the jack to hold it.
  • Turn the tightening handle. Easy!

Fits US-sized 1/2" inch nuts for 1/4" inch jacks.

The Bullet is smooth molded plastic, so it won't scratch your guitar or amp hardware.

Patent pending.

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(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this to tighten input jacks and it works well, worth the money!


Bullet guitar Jack Tightener

(Customer's Reviews)

This is a great little inexpensive tool that saves a lot of time in my repair shop and with my own personal guitars and students' guitars. No more removing access plates to enable me to hold the jack in place and keep it from spinning while I tighten the nut on the jack. My only reservation is that some brands of guitars (some Epiphones and various Asian imports) have a smaller jack nut that this tool does not fit. I wish there were 2 sizes to accommodate these smaller nuts.


Less than versatile

(Customer's Reviews)

The product feels insubstantial (like many budget string winders, feels like it could snap too easily). In addition, does not work well on all amp jacks (particularly those with dome-topped nuts).

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