StewMac Compact Chisel Planes


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StewMac Compact Chisel Planes

About This Item

Easily remove glue squeeze-out inside the body of an acoustic guitar.

When re-gluing a loose brace or gluing a bridge pad, glue squeeze-out is inevitable. These Chisel Planes fit easily inside an acoustic body and ride along the surfaces inside, making quick work of the glue squeeze-out. The ball-knob handles let you hold them from any angle, while keeping the overall profile small.

Chisel Planes are also handy for surface leveling and trimming plugs.

This set of three Chisel Planes includes left and right angled blades and a flat blade.

  • 1" W x 2-3/8" L
  • 25.4mm W x 60.3mm L
  • Mn65 Spring Steel

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