JLD Bridge Doctor

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JLD Bridge Doctor

About This Item

• Enhances volume
• Flattens 'bellied' soundboards

A unique solution to a common bridge problem, this spruce device attaches beneath a guitar bridge. An adjustable spruce "pressure post" rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard.

The spruce block is 3/4" x 1-5/8" x 3-3/8" tall. The 1/4"-diameter tension rod is 9" long. The mounting post has three different positions to accomodate a variety of bridge styles.

Screw mount: This spruce device attaches beneath the bridge via an inlaid screw (a white pearloid dot is included to hide the bridge screw). An adjustable spruce pressure post rests against the tailblock, providing leverage to flatten the soundboard. Better bridge contact and alignment can also enhance sound projection.

Brass pin mount: The pin-mounted version of the JLD Bridge Doctor attaches beneath the bridge using a threaded brass bridge pin. The strings mount horizontally through the tops of the matching brass bridge pins (included).

StewMac Tech Tip: We recommend the brass pin mount version for 12-string guitars.


Product Instructions

JLD Bridge Doctor Instructions

How to install the JLD Bridge Doctor in an acoustic guitar.

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JLD bridge doc


Verified Buyer

My play partner ordered his for a 12 string last year. I finally ordered mine for a 6 string made by a local builder (using many parts from StewMac no less) and am glad I did.

Installation took a little longer than I expected. I'd re-write those instructions with a little more clarity. The guitar top has much less distortion now. Not much difference noticed re: the guitar's voice. The phone clerks at StewMac are so kind and efficient - they get five stars, while the bridge doc itself gets four. Best - Deeve


JLD Bridge Dr


Verified Buyer

The JLD Bridge Dr turned a very unplayable guitar into a great sounding playable guitar.I installed this in 15 minutes. With a few tweaks the soundboard was flat which made the action super and no more annoying string buzz. Thanks STEWMAC!!!


JLD Bridge Doctor


Verified Buyer

The Bridge Dr works and I am Happy. Resurrected my Guitar.

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