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Binding Tape

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Binding Tape

About This Item

First choice for binding work! High-tack adhesive and stiffer backing make this the strongest paper tape we've found for securing bindings while the glue dries.

3/4" x 60-yard (19mm x 55-meter) roll.

Not recommended for use on vintage or delicate finishes.

Our binding tape has a strong adhesive—good for applying pressure, but be cautious about using tape on soft top woods like spruce. With soft woods, first stick our binding tape to a cotton t-shirt to give it less tack before applying it. This will help reduce the possibility of any damage when you go to remove it.

Once the glue is dry, remove any tape slowly and gently—pulling at an angle and lightly rubbing it with your index finger. Warming the tape will also help it lift away easily without pulling out wood fibers.

For more information, see our How to Install Bindings article.


Product Instructions

How to Install Bindings

Overview of binding, purfling, and other instrument trim, including binding recommendations and installation techniques.

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This new tape doesn't work.

(Customer's Reviews)

The old binding tape was stiff, strong and would tear wood fiber out if you weren't careful. It made several impractical things easy and was strong enough to even join small soundboards. The new stuff barely sticks at all. I get that it's lower tack and should be less likely to tear stuff up, but it simply doesn't work very well. I try not to be reactionary and set in my ways, so I gave it a good long try and I still have the same opinion. Can we get the old stuff back? Does anyone know where to get the old stuff?


Very strong, but does leave some residue

(Customer's Reviews)

This tape takes a lot of the stress out of binding. I like it a lot. The only complaint is a degree of residue left behind; clean up can be a bit of a pain. Also, make sure your top is sanded perfectly before applying this tape, otherwise you might just end up pulling some wood fibre from the top - not a good idea!!


New Binding Tape is awful. PLEASE bring the old stuff back.

(Customer's Reviews)

As a professional luthier, StewMac Binding tape was a revelation when I first discovered it, and we've been using it at my workshop for almost a decade.

Its been a staple resource for our work and one of the simplest and most useful supplies a luthier can have in his arsenal.

However our latest purchase of binding tape was markedly different, and its certainly not the same product we've been buying for years.

This new stuff is nowhere near as effective at sticking - yet somehow leaves stubborn residue all over anything you try to use it on and also seems much worse in terms of the risk of pulling grain in woods like wenge.

Its also nowhere near as rigid. - The old binding tape was stiffer and had absolutely no give or flex. This stuff is much more flimsy.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to the old stuff!!!

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