Neck Joint Steamer

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Injecting steam into a dovetail neck joint, through a small hole drilled in a fret slot, helps loosen the glue for neck removal.

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Neck Joint Steamer Needle, hose and clamp

Needle, hose and clamp

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Neck Joint Steamer Needle and hose adapter

Needle and hose adapter

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Injecting steam into a dovetail neck joint, through a small hole drilled in a fret slot, helps loosen the glue for neck removal.

Our hose assembly has an extra-long 3-1/2" x 5/64" injector needle, insulating rubber handle, 1/4" hose rated for heat and pressure, and hose clamp for attachment to a pressure cooker or other steam source (such as a espresso/cappuccino maker).

Use with our Neck Removal Jig for faster, cleaner dovetail neck joint disassembly.

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The damage caused by storing a guitar in a hot car or attic

Erick Coleman fixes a slipped neck joint on a beautiful Gibson ES-125, showing what can happen to glue joints that get too hot.

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Neck Joint Steamer

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Neck Joint Steamer

By Bob Long from England
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I've hooked mine to a wallpaper stripper. The long hose (about 10 feet) in coils acts as a condenser to knock out unwanted water. It's very powerful and very quick. No puller jig needed...just a little wiggling.


(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, April 09, 2011

I purchased the hose and needle combo, wish I had just got the needle since i had the same fuel line hose in my shop. I went with a pressure cooker for steam source, tried it on gas burner and also electric hot plate trying to regulate heat to reduce the excess water.I was working on a disposable guitar at the time, so the water was not a huge concern. I did go an buy a clothes steamer from target $25, same thing but not quite as bad, so I decided to use the hose that came with the steamer 3/4" OD and just use 15" of the fuel hose with the needle, this really reduced the amount of water spurts, not as flexable as the 3/8" hose but the 15" of 3/8" is enough to get around.

Overall I rate the item 4 stars as with most stew mac items a little pricey but i keep coming back. But I will say that i do learn a lot from you guys that i don't really pay for so maybe that makes us square on the deal. I keep wanting to purchase some DVD's but they have really low reviews on quality, maybe you guys could work on that.

Neck Joint Steamer

By Clinchriver Instruments from Andersonville Tennessee
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, February 18, 2011

Kind of expensive but where would you get all the parts. Should last a lifetime.

Steam needle

By Lloyd Snyder from Atlanta GA
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, February 07, 2011

It seemed a little pricey but worked as advertised. I removed the neck from a 1965 Gretsch Country Club. I couldn't have done it without the steam needle.

Works great!

By smashedguitars from San Antonio, TX
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I used this along with my wife's portable steamer to get a fret board off a smashed Les Paul and then to remove the neck from the neck pocket. Took some time, but the neck came off like butter once I got good steam into the joints.

neck steamer

By larry johnson from hunter n.y.
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, September 07, 2010

worked like a charm. I built a martin style guitar a few months ago and it sounded great but the neck angle was not right. I knew it had to be fixed but I was scared to death to try and take it apart. I bought a pressure cooker from Wal-mart for 19.95 and the hose connected with no problem

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