Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine

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Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine

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Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine

About This Item

Programmable! Remembers your most-used pickup specs. Set the number of coil wraps you need, and the spindle automatically slows to a stop when it reaches that point.

Mojotone worked with Stewart-MacDonald and top guitar techs to develop this rugged professional winder. Sturdy enough for serious pickup production, the Mojotone Pickup Winding Machine is also great for quick rewinds and prototyping.

Using the text display, set the number of winds and turning direction. Then smoothly rev up to your desired RPM—any speed up to 1,800 turns per minute. The winder stops when your number of winds is reached. If that's a number you'll need again, save it as a preset.

Free winding mode is also available, giving you manual control of the number of turns and winding direction.

"The 10 programmable presets come in real handy. For vintage rewinds, I like having the specs saved and ready to go."
Erick Coleman, guitar repairman and StewMac tech advisor

  • 1800-rpm motor for fast winding times
  • Geared drive: no belts to slip or replace
  • Built-in gauss meter reads magnet strength and polarity
  • Universal pickup mounting jig accepts all flatwork and bobbins
  • Accepts a foot control (not included) for hands-free winding

Includes instructions and 110v to 220v AC adaptor.

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a really good coil winder for the hobbyist


it would make a very good production winder if the rpm was 4000 or more - that's its only sore point. 1800rpm takes too long to wind any coil.


The perfect noisemaker


Verified Buyer

So... It came without the speed knob. Yes, I checked the packaging and carton. Luckily I have many. Still very annoying especially due to the price.
I also had to modify (wedge) the guide arm into the clamp as I bent a allen/hex key trying to tighten it. This was a mango tree in winter: fruitless. At full crank the arm still slid out.
Second to last, it's noisier that a tree full of cockatoos. I thought this may be a teething problem, but no, after a couple of weeks of winding it still drowns out the music in my workshop. And I listen to Death Metal.
Lastly, there's no more complaints. It's a great machine for winding Does all the things it's supposed to do. A huge upgrade from the last no-longer-made model I had.


Great winding machine!


I use this machine daily and it is so easy to use. The programmable feature is hard to beat because I can program my standard winds and just repeat them without setting up the machine each time. I also really like that it stops on it own when it reaches the programmed number of turns too. It has everything I need! VERY VERY happy with this machine! AAAA++++++++

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