MAG-ic Probe BLE Thickness Gauge

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MAG-ic Probe BLE Thickness Gauge

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MAG-ic Probe BLE Thickness Gauge

About This Item

For use with computer or smartphone
MAG-ic Probe is an electronic thickness gauge for accurately measuring the thickness of instrument tops, sides and backs. This new MAG-ic Probe BLE is the smallest, most versatile version yet.

Works where a traditional caliper can't!
Unlike a traditional mechanical caliper, MAG-ic Probe's electronically calibrated magnet-based design works for assembled instruments, too—it's easy to measure prized instruments and replicate their specs in your own builds.

The MAG-ic Probe measures any point on an instrument, by inserting the steel ball bearing through an f-hole or soundhole. As you move the magnet on the outside, the ball follows inside, providing the thickness reading in both mils (1/1000th inch) and millimeters. Of course, it's great for measuring flat plates of tonewood, too.

  • Compact: all the electronics are inside the small handheld probe
  • USB-powered (battery pack supplied, or use your computer)
  • Downloadable software for your computer
  • Smartphone app for mobile use
  • MAG-ic Probe BLE handheld unit
  • Ball magnet for guitars and plates: 1/2" (13mm)
  • Cylinder magnet for violin/mandolin f-holes: 1/4" (6.35mm)
  • USB cable
  • Battery Pack for mobile use
  • Free MAG-ic Probe Lite software (downloadable)

Free MAG-ic Probe Lite Software allows you to upload a picture of the instrument or object you are measuring on your computer and record each measurement you make to that picture.

Optional MAG-ic Probe PRO Software transforms your completed measurements into a full-color contour map to instantly visualize your thickness planes. Available directly from MAG-ic Probe.

Measure other materials, too
MAG-ic Probe BLE will read any non-ferromagnetic material up to 15mm, including Plastics, Aluminum, Copper and composite sheet materials.

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Great service!


Verified Buyer

After the gauge arrived it was unfortunately not working. I immediately got a new one without discussion. The new gauge works perfectly.

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