Gravity-feed Spray Gun

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Gravity-feed Spray Gun

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Gravity-feed Spray Gun

About This Item

A compact gun at a great price, chosen by StewMac guitar techs.

This modern gravity-feed spray gun works with a standard compressor and normal spray pressures (typically 35psi for lacquer). Similar to HVLP guns (high volume, low pressure), this highly efficient gun produces consistent atomization and reduced overspray. Your finish coats will be more even than ever before, making final sanding and polishing a breeze!

Convenient 4-ounce see-through nylon cup with screw-on lid. Cleaning brush included. 0.8mm nozzle.

Requires an air hose with standard 1/4" NPT threads, regulator, and a compressor that produces at least 3 cfm at 90 psi. We recommend spraying nitrocellulose lacquer at 35 psi, and waterbase finish at 45 psi.



Product Instructions

How to Hold a Spray Gun

How to use spray equipment to get the best possible coverage.

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Nice gun for the price.


Verified Buyer

I bought this to spray General Finishes water based gloss. Worked quite well. It is not an expensive high quality gun, but it works well.


Works fine for me.


First off, this IS a touchup gun. It has a small cup which I find to be perfect for guitar use. Second off, it's a $35 gun. This is not a devilbiss or sata. But it is a really good gun. I have built and finished in the neighborhood of 20 guitars and necks with this gun.
I have only used the Behlen brand stuff through it so I can't comment on any other brands. But I will tell you it shoots stringed instument lacquer at full strength with no problems so you can build up quick! It won't however shoot Vinyl sealer without thinning. I thin mine by about 30% on warm days and 50% on colder days and just do an extra coat or two. All in all, I am extremely happy with this gun. It's been a workhorse around here and it's super easy to clean. Speaking of which, as with all guns, clean before you use it for the first time. If you're a first timer buying and using this gun, take your time getting it dialed in and figuring out the proper technique for using it and you'll never go back to a rattle can.


For the inexperienced


Verified Buyer

That would be me, so I read the reviews - they weren't real good. But the price was right and I figured StewMack wouldn't sell a POJ, so I got it. Maybe the pros don't care for it, but I got excellent results and am quite satisfied. Easy to clean, too.


You get what you pay for.


Verified Buyer

Not a terrible gun but I would rather save up a little more money and purchase a different one. Definitely nothing to write home about.


Not bad for the price.


Verified Buyer

First, be aware that this is a small "touchup" gun. It will not fit in any of the gravity feed gun stands that I know of. So far I've used it to finish a neck and it has done an OK job using CAB acrylic lacquer and vinyl sanding sealer - both from Sherwin Williams. I have three gripes however: 1) the pattern adjust knob is very sloppy - does not feel very well-seated. 2) When I adjust for the right amount of material, the trigger pull depth is almost max'ed which means you have to pull the trigger so far that it makes smooth handling of the gun very difficult. 3) The instructions do not even attempt to explain what the three controls are for - you're on your own. Still they are typical controls, so if you have any experience with sprayguns this should not be a problem.
All in all it's not too bad for $35, and at least it's not marked up from the big-box store equivalent. A good tool to have in your arsenal for small jobs, but I don't think I'll be using it for anything but necks and possibly sunbursts (assuming its atomization is good enough - TBD).

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