Jaws3, Angled body caul only

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Jaws3, Angled body caul only

Jaws3, Angled body caul only

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Jaws3 Fret Press and Inserts

Jaws3 Fret Press and Inserts

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Jaws3, Angled body caul only

About This Item

Problem: how to install frets easily in the hard-to-clamp area over the neck heel. Solution: Jaws3!

Developed by our own Al Rorick, this ingenious fret press clamps onto the fingerboard and utilizes the same 2-1/2" radiused brass inserts as our other Jaws tools. Fret seating takes place at the end of the tool, letting you reach those "impossible" frets. Works for entire necks, too!

Jaws3 is a professional fretting tool that includes five interchangeable 2-1/2" brass inserts, grooved to fit over the fretwire crown. The inserts match popular fretwire radii: 7-1/4", 9-1/2", 12" and 16", and a special 6"-radius insert holds down the fret ends for gluing. Additional radii are available.

3-point thumbscrews seat the fret perfectly, and the rigid extruded aluminum body ensures stability. Jaws3 includes an adjustable neck clamp, radiused wooden neck caul with an ingenious internal magnet for fumble-free setup, and an angled wooden body caul for "set-neck" solidbodies and acoustic guitars.

Why press frets? Pressing the frets can save time and produce more consistent results. That's why it's the method that's widely used in guitar production. Pressed-in frets are less likely to have loose ends and uneven heights, because there's none of the recoil produced by hammer blows.

All Jaws fret presses are designed to work with our grooved brass fret press inserts. The inserts fit over the fretwire and are interchangeable to match popular fretwire radii. More from the Jaws collection:

Jaws Jaws
Use our unique original handheld fret press to fret an entire bolt-on neck, or most of an acoustic neck, FAST, without complicated clamping. More...

Jaws2 Jaws2
Hammering frets over an unsupported acoustic guitar top is risky! Jaws2 has special soundhole cauls and a self-leveling upper caul that take the stress off the guitar top, so you can safely press the frets into place. More...

Jaws Set JAWS Fret Press Deluxe Set SAVE with the set of all three Jaws fret presses and be ready for every fretting situation! More...


Product Instructions

Jaws3 Fret Press Instructions

An overview of and instructions for using the Jaws3 Fret Press.

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jaws 2&3

(Customer's Reviews)

If your fretboard is level you end up with a perfectly fretted instrument that save endless hours levelling and re-crowning frets


Good Idea but poor design!

(Customer's Reviews)

I agree with the other reviewers, to me... wasted space in my tool box. Of the 6 times I have used it I have had to redo frets every time. Maybe Stewmac could have incorporated the Jaws2 press seeing the bar clamp is the same, would be more reasonable then.


The one tool I sent back.

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought one of these a while ago (before the rating system). I couldn't get a single fret seated properly with it. I ended up spending about an hour trying to make this tool work the way it's supposed to and decided to ditch it and just hammer the frets in. I will say that SM is awesome about returns. They had no issue taking it back. I've been thinking about getting one of the other Jaws tools, but this one just doesn't seem to want to work unless the slots are quite loose, at least looser than I like to work with.

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