Dremel Flex Shaft

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Dremel Flex Shaft

For fingertip control of fine detail work: fret polishing, light routing, engraving, and more.

The comfortable handpiece is easier to use freehand than the larger Dremel tool. It gets into hard-to-reach areas, too.

36" length (914.40mm).

Give your fret jobs a mirror shine and ultra-smooth feel players love.
Use the Flex shaft with our Fret Polishing Wheels for professional final touch to your fret jobs. The slim Flex Shaft handpiece makes it easy to hold the wheel on a crowned fret, to gently polish it to a super-smooth shine. Much faster than hand polishing!

Unscrew the threaded plastic collar on your Dremel tool's housing, and move the Dremel's 1/8" (3.18mm) collet to the Flex Shaft handpiece before installing.

Trade Secrets!

Using fret polishing wheels on a flex shaft

Todd Sams shares his method for getting a mirror finish on newly-installed frets

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