Behlen Lacquer Repair Kit

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Professional supplies for filling chips and dents in lacquer finishes, without damaging the surrounding finish.

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Behlen Lacquer Repair Kit

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Burn-in Procedures Using Behlen's Lacquer Repair Kit

A demonstration of the proper technique for repairing a nitrocellulose lacquer finish using the Behlen Lacquer Repair Kit.

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Professional supplies for filling chips and dents in lacquer finishes, without damaging the surrounding finish.

Ouch! When you love building guitars, every new ding in a beautiful finish hurts. We share your pain! Before you grab a brush or a spray gun, check out this handy kit used by pro woodworkers. It "burns in" lacquer sticks with an electric knife, to fill, tint and level scratches and chips without damaging the surrounding finish. With a little practice, the right choice of lacquer stick colors and careful polishing, you can make those boo-boos look like they never happened.

This versatile kit is a long-time favorite in repair shops. It lets you work with better control—no coarse brush marks to complicate the job. Twelve different 2" lacquer sticks are supplied, in a variety of useful woodtones plus clear, black and white. The lacquer is formulated to resist pulling out or shrinking under topcoats. The electric burn-in knife is an easy way to melt the lacquer stick and level the filled surface (much faster than the old pallette knife and alcohol lamp method). Burn-In Balm protects the surrounding finish while the knife levels the repair. A concise illustrated instruction sheet gets you started and guides you step-by-step.

The kit includes:
120-volt AC burn-in knife
Lacquer sticks: amber, black, cherry, clear, dark amber, dark cherry, dark mahogany, extra dark walnut, fruitwood, light brown walnut, maple and white Also sold separately
Burn-In Balm finish protector, 2 ounces Also sold separately

Also available:
De-Waxer removes waxes, oils and contaminants that can hamper finish repairs.
Wool-Lube liquid rubbing lubricant helps level burn-in repairs before final spot-sanding.
Graining Pen is handy for simulating wood grain lines.

Product Instructions

Behlen Lacquer Stick Kit

An overview of burn-in procedures using the Behlen Lacquer Stick Kit.

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Behlen Lacquer Repair Kit

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Great Results big Learning curve

(Customer's Reviews)

I read the previous reviews, and agree that this system takes some practice to get it right. But on high dollar finishes it does provide some distinct advantages, less time waiting for the repair to dry being one of them, very fast build up being another. I am going to keep practicing so I have this option available in the future.


Easy does it...

(Customer's Reviews)

I have to agree with the other two reviews. You'd better catch some practice on something you don't have a lot of $$$ invested in. I utilized the wool lube and the sanding grits, but you'll need some practice if you're like me!


Burn in Kit

(Customer's Reviews)

Works as advertised, but is not for the faint of heart. This kit requires a bit of experimenting to get the technique down pat.


Ouch - too many burns and too hard to use 

(Customer's Reviews)

Using this product is not for the faint hearted. After all too easily burning my fingers on the uninsulated shaft of the burn-in knife three times, I was forced to buy and wrap a sheet of cork around the hot metal section closest to the wood handle.

The kit produces so-so results and the process takes a lot of practice to perfect. It is far too easy to create wood burns and scars with the heated knife that mar rather than improve the appearance of the instrument's finish. You also will need to purchase other Stew Mac products such as wool lube and dewaxer in order to create anything close to the promised results.

My best advice is that you would never want to use this kit on a valuable guitar. Following the instructions to a tee, I used it to touch up a low-value 1965 Gibson LG1. Based upon my experience, I cannot endorse the product.

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