Foam Polishing Pads, All 4 sizes

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Get a high gloss finish with your hand drill! Shaped pads are great for guitar body contours.

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Foam Polishing Pads, All 4 sizes

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Foam polishing pad for guitar finishing

Dan Erlewine shows how he uses foam pads for a finish repair.

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Get a high gloss finish with your hand drill! Shaped pads are great for guitar body contours.

High gloss finishes without swirl marks
Fits variable-speed hand drills

Your finishes can have a more professional look when you use these fiber-free foam buffing pads. They're perfect for applying polishing compounds with your power buffer or variable-speed hand drill.

Foam polishing pads are perfect for applying polishing compounds, like our ColorTone Polishing Compounds. The gentle polishing action helps avoid swirl marks, fine scratches and burn-through, leaving a beautiful mirror-gloss surface.

For the small shop or casual builder, this is a great way to get factory-quality finishes without tedious hand polishing or expensive buffing equipment. Larger well-equipped shops find foam pads handy for getting into tight areas for fast spot refinishing, too. Each pad has a 1/4" arbor—you can use it in a drill press or variable-speed hand drill.

"Hourglass and cone-shaped pads are great for getting into guitar cutaways and hard-to-reach contours. I find a use for them all!"
—Erick Coleman, repairman and StewMac tech advisor

Important: A separate pad should be used for each grade of polishing compound, to avoid adding scratches to the finish. Apply the compounds in sequence, from coarse to fine grades.

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When a pedestal buffer can't accommodate the shape of Junior Brown's famous Guit-Steels, Michael Stevens finds that a simple foam buffer does a great job!

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Foam Polishing Pads, All 4 sizes

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Foam Polishing Pads...Fantastic!

By Dan Carey from RI
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I've been using these pads for about eight years now. So much so, that I actually wore one out completely! Easy to use, easy to clean, cheap enough to throw away when worn out. Here's my latest project photo:

Foam polishing pads

By Tstrongarm from Dothan, AL
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, May 12, 2014

I purchased these as I am new to finishing and cant budget the nicer equipment. These are easy to use, though I have yet to achieve a "glass" finish using them. Some of that may be lack of experience and not the product, but I am glad to have them.

Professional results, shaft should be longer though. 

By Chad Ditner from Cambridge ON
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Very good polishing results however the shaft is too short for the chuck on many drills including two of mine. The Ryobi barely clamps it and the B&D can't, both keyless. I plan to modify mine somehow.

Works well

By RichEss from Denver, Colorado USA
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, February 14, 2014

I finally got the courage to use this on one of my pride and joys, and I'm glad I did. I tried the 3" and 5", and the 'fine' and 'swirl remover' colortone polishing compounds and it's the final buffing step I was looking for with my electric drill. Very professional results. No problems with it shredding or anything like that. Just let the tool do the work, no need to bear down that hard. I wash out the sponge with water well first, then dry it in a towel getting "most" of the water out but not all. I think that's important to getting this to flow properly, you need some water in the sponge with the polishing compound. But remember the concept of a bicycle with no fenders in the rain, it will fling stuff all over the place if you over-rev the drill. Wives get really cranky when that happens in the living room fellas. Otherwise, great setup. I think in the future all I will buy is the 3", it gets where I need it to.

Used for guitars and other stuff

By J. Masters from Palm Bay, FL
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, February 07, 2014

I bought two of the 3" diameter pads, because I had an inexpensive, satin finished acoustic guitar that I just loved, but wanted to improve it's looks. I bought these and the Colortone Swirl Remover and took my time and carefully buffed and buffed that guitar's front, back and sides until they have a slight shine. I bought two because other's said they don't last long, but that one pad was used after buffing out the sating guitar finish to use with the swirl remover again to de-fog my daughter's cars headlight lenses. Only then with the much rougher use did this polishing pad start to show use. A single pad left me having a great looking formerly satin finished acoustic that now has a nice, soft shine and two daughters whose cars headlights are clear and shine much brighter at night. I'm sold on these.

Takes Some Practice, but Good

By johnnypk from Perry Hall,MD
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, February 03, 2014

These take getting used to. How long do i buff? How much pressure do I use? Are the 2 main things that require learning. I've done 3 guitars w these pads. Better results each time. I have not been able to remove all the fine scratches however but it's not that hard to get a decent mirror finish. The keys to me are: Light pressure. The longer u buff the more scratches u create. Wetsand-2K grit. Start w fine compound. Finish w swirl remover. Also using the edge on the big pad for the flat sections works best b/c its the fastest spinning part of the pad.

Cool but T-Shirt's Better

By Capt. Stubing from LA Cali.
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This thing sheds, or falls apart as you use it and foam bits get everywhere and it causes a high amount of static on the paint surface; then you've got the small bits of foam dust all over the surface; quite a mess! It sort of works but to be honest an old T-shirt and some elbow grease does a better job. I suggest buy something else.

Works like it should, Great results

By WBR Guitars from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, December 27, 2013

I've use it for polishing clear coat repairs, worked great. Rinsed & cleaned many times, still working great.

Foam Polishing Pads

(Customer's Reviews) Monday, October 07, 2013

I can honestly say that I have not found anything quite like these in shape or performance, here in Europe to work as well!!!

Great price!! Thank you Stewmac!

By Andr+¬ Rossi from Curitiba - PR - Brasil
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It works like a charm, excellent polish in a few minutes, after using your guitar buffer.

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