Schatten Pro Pickup Winder, 110-volt

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Heavy-duty production winder for building, repairing and customizing pickups.

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Schatten Pro Pickup Winder, 110-volt

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Heavy-duty production winder for building, repairing and customizing pickups.

Heavy-duty production model: a money-maker for your shop!
Repair old pickups, build custom overwound, underwound and coil-tapped models, and create pickups for custom or specialty instruments: with a Schatten hand-feed winder you can do it all.

Introducing Schatten's heavy-duty machine, designed for winding thousands of pickups over its service life.

This model features a 12-volt (.4 hp) motor with internal cooling fan, illuminated electronic counter with reset, and optional foot pedal speed control. 1,350 rpm average winding speed for maximum efficiency production work.

Optional foot pedal speed control frees both your hands for winding.

Schatten Pro features:

  • Single-arm design with switchable rotation direction
  • 0.4 horsepower heavy-duty motor with internal cooling fan
  • High-efficiency 1,350 rpm average speed for production winding
  • Electronic speed control (optional foot pedal frees both hands for winding)
  • Illuminated electronic counter with reset
  • Adjustable cross-feed limiter for controlling pickup coil width
  • Durable ABS enclosure with sturdy platform base
  • Works with 30 to 44 gauge coil wire or finer
  • 110-volt

This is Schatten's Model C, tested to over 10 million winds.

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Schatten Pro Pickup Winder, 110-volt

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So far, so good...

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It's not inexpensive, that's for sure. But I'd rather be building guitars than building winding machines, so I was willing to pay for the convenience of a turnkey solution. I've only wound a couple pickups on it so far, but it is quick and quiet, and the counter has worked without a hitch. Assembly was quick and easy. The machine itself is assembled, you just have to attach it to the baseboard and mount the guide bar. The only additional step I had to take was polishing that bar. It seemed a little rough right out of the box and I didn't want to risk the wire snagging on it. I just chucked the bar in a hand drill and polished it up that way. It's nice that instructions were included but I think they could be improved upon. They assume a certain level of pre-existing knowledge, I think. I would recommend that anybody new to winding pick up Jason Lollar's book. You won't need the information on building a winder if you buy this one, but there's plenty of other useful stuff in there and it has much more in the way of background information and prerequisite knowledge. Time will tell how it holds up to frequent use, but so far I definitely don't regret the purchase. It's much better than my previous DIY winder. If it had an auto-traverse mechanism, I'd give it 5 stars.

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