Foot Pedal for Schatten Pro Pickup Winder

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The hands-free approach to pickup winding. This variable speed control foot pedal allows for hands-free operation of the Schatten Pickup Winder.

Made of black high-impact plastic with non-skid rubber feet to keep the pedal securely in place during use. Works with the 110v and 220v Schatten Pro Pickup Winder. Will not work with the Build-Your-Own Pickup Winder Kits.

8-1/4" long x 3-3/4" wide x 2" tall
(20.96cm x 9.53cm x 5.08cm)

Includes 6-1/2 foot (198.12cm) cord with 1/4" jack.

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Foot Pedal for Schatten Pro Pickup Winder

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