Build-Your-Own Pickup Winder, 110-volt

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Build the new improved Schatten pickup coil winder yourself and SAVE!

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Build-Your-Own Pickup Winder, 110-volt

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Build the new improved Schatten pickup coil winder yourself and SAVE!

It's easy to assemble, and the kit includes instructions and all the parts. You supply simple hand tools and a soldering iron. Schatten's redesigned smaller-profile machine is ideal for occasional pickup winding in the average repair shop.

Repair old pickups, build custom overwound, underwound and coil-tapped models, and create pickups for custom or specialty instruments: with a Schatten hand-feed winder you can do it all.

The kit includes everything needed to assemble a fully working Schatten Model B winding machine. The parts are pre-drilled, and assembly consists mostly of soldering work and parts installation. Estimated assembly time is about 45 minutes.

Improved Schatten winder features:

  • Single-arm design with switchable rotation direction
  • Stronger motor for fast 900 rpm average winding speed
  • Speed control
  • Electronic counter with reset
  • Adjustable cross-feed limiter for controlling pickup coil width
  • Durable ABS enclosure with sturdy platform base
  • Works with 38 to 44 gauge coil wire or finer
  • 110-volt

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Product Instructions

Build-Your-Own Pickup Winder

Assembly instructions.

Product Instructions

Pickup Winding with the Schatten Pickup Winder

A primer on how to rewind, modify and make custom pickups!

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Build-Your-Own Pickup Winder, 110-volt

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Well Pleased

By Shawn H. from Kentucky, USA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I was very hesitant in purchasing this item based on one the cost and plus several negative reviews regarding previous Schatten winders. After spending much time in making a homemade winder without much success and dependability, I decided to purchase this product. To save money I purchased this version and I enjoy tinkering with things anyways. It took me approximately 2.5 hours to assemble and the instructions were well written and illustrated. I have already wound three different pickups and was pleased. I wished I just purchased this from the beginning instead of trying to figure out another way. I could have used that time to build on my current project.

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