Jack Installation Tool

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Jack Installation Tool

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Jack Installation Tool

About This Item

No fumbling, no fishing!
Quickly install a 1/4" jack in a hollowbody guitar when you can't reach inside.

Resoldering a 1/4" jack in a hollowbody guitar is a common job. The problem is reinstalling the jack when you can't reach inside. Guitar techs devise lots of methods, but we like this simple no-fuss solution: feed the Jack Installation Tool through the guitar, plug it into the jack, and pull the jack snugly into place. No fumbling, no strings, no misalignment.

The slim brass tool is bendable and 18" long (457.2mm), to work in practically any f-hole or round-hole guitar. A capture ring prevents the plug from pushing too far into the jack.

Quickly installs 1/4" endpin jacks, too.

Thanks to Julyan Wallis (The Guitar Doctor in the UK) for this idea!

TIP: Before retightening the jack nut, protect your solder connections with Frank Ford's ingenious Jack The Gripper tool.

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Excellent tool

(Customer's Reviews)

On some output jacks, you may want to insert the tool in and out a few time prior to putting it in the soundhole, as this tool can be tight. This will make insertion within the soundhole a little smoother. This tool works great. You'll notice in the pic that you can place the washer and nut onto this tool,and once you put the output jack in place ,these are there and ready to screw.


Cool Tool !

(Customer's Reviews)

When you need it, you NEED it!!!
This is a worthwhile tool to have for any sized instrument.
Id recommend squeezing the loop end with pliers so the pickup jack nut and washer can fit over it, otherwise the jack end might slip into the instrument when you remove this product to thread on the nut on. Squeezing the loop end smaller stops this. Its a small thing though.
Thanks Stewmac!


Get it!

(Customer's Reviews)

I considered making my own version of this tool, but when a hollowbody restoration came into the shop recently I added this to my parts order and I am glad I did. It worked perfectly and made quick work out of a time wasting process. For the money it costs, I'd much rather work on guitars than make tools, especially when the tool is perfectly designed such as this one.

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