Brace Gluing Wedge

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Brace Gluing Wedge

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Brace Gluing Wedge

Makes a hard to reach job much easier! Gently opens the gap under a loose acoustic guitar brace and injects glue right where you need it.

Dan Erlewine's ingenious one-handed solution replaces multiple tools, making an awkward, hard-to-reach job much easier. It's the result of long experimentation: "I worked up a dozen almost-right inventions for this job before I finally hit on this solution," says Dan.

"Dan! I just bought your new innovation! Of course my team and I can no longer continue to do these types of repairs without the Brace Gluing Wedge. It would be just silly without it."
—John Brown, Brown's Guitar Factory

Crafted of rugged machined brass and shaped to fit your hand, the Brace Gluing Wedge uses a replaceable plastic pipette as a glue reservoir. Simply squeeze the bulb to inject glue through a groove on the bottom of the wedge.

The tool works for most brace sizes, and for loose bridge plates, too. Photo-illustrated instructions are included.

3 pipettes are included (simply trim to length) and replacements are available.

Glue not included. Not for use with super glues.

Product Instructions

Brace Gluing Wedge Instructions

Shim open the glue joint under the brace and inject glue where you want it.

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It works, but could be better...

(Customer's Reviews)

This wedge really is only ideal for hot hide glue. I used it with warmed up titebond and no matter what I did the glue still shoots out of the sides of the tape. Tried to repair 3 loose braces with it and each time it failed and I ended up having to use the old glue on the feeler gauge method. It's a good idea but the design could be much improved if less of the top was exposed, and if the very tip was a little thinner like a feeler gauge to get into tighter spots.


Yep, good tool

(Customer's Reviews)

As good as everyone says. I used Titebond, worked good. The cut off portion of the pipette tube makes a good plug if you need to keep to store the glue between sessions, just remove from the wedge, insert pipette tube, fold it over to seal and secure with a small spring clamp.


Great tool!  Well designed.

(Customer's Reviews)

I ordered one of these not too soon after they came out. What a great tool for repairing braces that are loose. Great design, easy to use, and perfect for the jobs I have used it on so far. This one is a must, and I have tons of tools I've modified for these repairs. This replaces just about all of 'em. Thanks, StewMac.

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