Tool List for Atlanta Guitar Works

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Tool List for Atlanta Guitar Works

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The Atlanta Guitar Works' tool list is well rounded for nut making, fretting and setup.

StewMac supplies lutherie students with essential tools of the trade. The students benefit by owning and mastering the specialized tools that will serve them in their professional careers. But of course you don't have to be a student to get them for your shop!

"Atlanta Guitar Works offers expert instruction in guitar repair and construction."

Tool List for Atlanta Guitar Works includes:
#0570 Guitar Player Repair Guide by Dan Erlewine
#4579 Fret/Fingerboard Leveler, 24" length
#1626 Fret Tang Nipper, For medium fretwire
#1811 Feeler Gauges
#3109 Fingerboard Band Clamp
#1637 Fret Puller
#1175 Fret End Dressing File
#0350 Fret Bender
#1811 Feeler Gauges
#0619 Fret Cutters
#0682 Ibex Bridge Clamp
#1811 Feeler Gauges
#3316 SAE Ball End Hex Keys
#3317 Metric Ball End Hex Keys
#4894 6" Steel Rule
#5124 3-Piece Inspection Mirror
#4464 Bridge Removal Knife
#4541 0.012" / 0.020" Double-edge Nut File
#4542 0.026" / 0.032" Double-edge Nut File
#4543 0.036" / 0.042" Double-edge Nut File
#0681 Collet for Dremel
#6106 Pocket Truss Rod Wrench
#5260 Precision Router Base
#5432 Smooth Radius Gauges
#1180 Tapered Router Bits, package of 5
#0673 String Spacing Rule
#4556 Nut & Saddle Shaping Files, set of 2
#1816 Nut & Saddle Vise
#4479 Neck Support Caul
#0862 6" Fret Leveler File
#5053 Offset Diamond Fret File, 150-grit
#0148-LB One pound of Medium Fretwire
#0670 String Action Gauge - inches
#3799 24" Precision Straightedge
#4870 Fret Slot Cleaning Tool
#4011 Trade Secrets book Volume 1
#5118 Trade Secrets book Volume 2

Atlanta Guitar Works
Atlanta Guitar Works
Snellville, Georgia

Atlanta Guitar Works offers expert instruction in guitar repair and construction.

"The six week luthier course is designed as in intensive hands on training for the profession of guitar repair and custom building. Students build 2 custom guitars of their choice. Usually one electric and one acoustic. We encourage custom designs, although we have templates for most common models. Former students have also built basses, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and the occasional archtop."

Stewart-MacDonald A career in lutherie starts with the right tools.
We serve leading lutherie schools by supplying their students with tools of the trade. The students benefit by owning and mastering specialized professional tools that will serve them well in their careers. Each school has developed a list of required StewMac tools that are essential to their coursework.

For the majority of aspiring guitarmakers who will never attend a lutherie school, these lists are valuable recommendations. Whether you're an apprentice, or starting out on your own, we make it easy to order the same tools trusted by veteran instructors.

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