Dreadnought Guitar Kit Tool Set

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Dreadnought Guitar Kit Tool Set

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Dreadnought Guitar Kit Tool Set

About This Item

"What tools do I need to build a kit?" A frequent question! We offer easy-to-order sets of the tools that kit builders find most useful.

Tool Set for Building a Dreadnought Guitar Kit includes:
#0862 6" Fret Leveler File
#0842 Luthier's File Set
#2062 0.340" Peghead Bushing Reamer
#0654 Rectangular Scraper Blade
#3850 18" Precision Straightedge
#1296 Deadblow Fretting Hammer
#3227 Bridge Pin Hole Reamer
#1602 Medium 3-Corner Fret Dressing File
#4905 StewMac Shop Rule
#1939 Fret Dressing Stick with 14 Micro-Mesh Belts
#0619 Fret Cutters
#0827 0.016" Nut Slotting File
#0832 0.035" Nut Slotting File
#1298-B Binding Router Bit
#1298-060 0.060" Binding Router Bearing
#1298-200 0.200" Binding Router Bearing

Binding Channels: Router or Dremel?
The Binding Router Bit and bearings listed above are for use with a router (sold separately). If you rout your binding channels with a Dremel tool, consider our Precision Router Set.

Clamps (sold separately)
Acoustic Guitar Kit Clamp Set

Finishing Materials (sold separately)
ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Kit

For a complete list of all the tools and supplies recommended to assemble your kit, see the

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Great set of tools

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Everything is in this set for the beginner